What I learned in one weekend

This was an eventful weekend in my WoW-verse.  Things happened in my guild, and also in our progression.  I learned quite a bit…

  • Magtheridon is not so bad once the channelers are dead.  After that it is mostly tank and stab.  Yes, we finally killed that big slug, and with only two warlocks in the raid.  Our guild has now done all of the T4 content.  Guild goals will shift to SSC and TK, and finishing the last two bosses in ZA.
  • The falling rocks in Mag’s Lair hurt a lot.  One of our cube clickers died.  The next blast wave was coming.  I turned to run to the cube… and ran right into a falling rock zone.  It was somewhat surprising to see in my combat log that I was hit for over 65,000 physical damage!  Holy cow!  (I wish I had a  screenshot of the log, but I forgot to take one)
  • Mag drops a lot of loot, and much of it is not really great.  Gems, a bag, T4 chest, Mag’s head which gives a ring upon quest completion… when we opened up DKP bidding for the loot the response was underwhelming.  Very few people wanted to use DKP on them, because they were marginal upgrades.  I see why a lot of guilds kill Mag once just to say they did and never go back to him.

Other things that I have found out…

  • Lots of people want to see new content before the expansion.  Despite the fact that we just finished Magtheridon, we have a bunch of people who want to go wipe on trash in Black Temple and Mt Hyjal just to see it.
  • Lots of people want to see old content before the expansion.  We have people trying to set up guild runs to Onyxia, MC and ZG just to have fun.
  • Many “hardcore” raiders are becoming much more casual in the months leading up to WotLK.
  • Crafting patterns that drop in Black Temple and Mt Hyjal are more common on the AH now that more guilds are running them leading up to WotLK.
  • Many players are bored to death with dailies.

Now that I know we can kill Magtheridon, I intend to get my Champion of the Naaru title before the expansion.

There was more that happened this weekend, but I will save that for another post.


1 Response to “What I learned in one weekend”

  1. 1 arb
    September 8, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    Interesting how close we are in progression. My Guild is also just graduating from killing Mag and Gruul. We’ve taken Void Reaver down once and had a failed attempt on Lurker. However, for a bit of fun we raided MH last night and managed to down Rage Winterchill after a couple of hours trying! Crazy fun fight, but just fine if you have a good team. The loot is great too. Give it a go!

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