Should my guild know that I blog?

There are times that I blog about things going on in my guild.  I never use specific names, but it would be clear to anyone in the guild what I was talking about.

I have never told anyone in my guild that I have a WoW blog.  My family knows, of course.  There is at least one former member of the guild who knows about it, but she’s on a different server now.

Should I let them know?  Does it even matter?

There have been times when we were all in Vent chatting about a topic, and I wanted to blurt out, “I did a post on that!”  But then by leading them to the blog they can go back and read everything else I have posted.

I am concerned that by opening up the blog to my guild, I it might be awkward to post about guild goings-on.  I remember reading someone else blog about how their guild-related posts had created some hard feelings within the guild.  I wouldn’t want that to happen.

I suppose that it is possible that some of them already know about it, but have never said anything.

Its also possible that they wouldn’t even care.  A lot of them are casual enough that they don’t spend a lot of time outside the game reading blogs and other WoW web sites.

What do you think?


12 Responses to “Should my guild know that I blog?”

  1. August 28, 2008 at 11:09 am

    My guild knows about my blog. I didn’t go about shouting it from the rooftops but there is a link in my forum signature so at this point everyone knows about it and why shouldn’t they? Yes, you post about goings on in the guild (I do as well) but I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t blog something about the guild you won’t say to them anyways.

    So go ahead! Let them know about it. You may find yourself with a whole new set of readers.

  2. August 28, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    No one I play with, excepting my wife, knows that I blog.

    I have at times toyed with the idea of telling people. I don’t use names, and don’t I tend not to write *about* specific people anyway, but instead about the ups and downs of my playtime; however, I do reference situations and players.

    Once I’d told people to go to my blog, I would certainly ask myself “How are they going to read this?”

    Should it be this way? Certainly not. However, my time in a leadership position (raid and otherwise) has taught me to self-censor every post I make to the guild forums, in guild-chat, and (to a lesser degree) in whispers. Again, perhaps not the way that it should be, but text is an imperfect way to communicate, and it is easy to be misunderstood.

    Misunderstandings lead to tension, tension leads to drama, and drama leads to me doing “personnel management” rather than playing.

    I blog as an outlet. 95% of my posts have been discussed already, or are something innocuous that I am writing to help organize my thoughts, but I prefer not adding my blog to my list of places where I even think about censoring myself.

    That said, I wouldn’t be distraught if anyone stumbled on my blog. In the back of my mind I know it is a possibility that someone already has, but I prefer the illusion of anonymity.

  3. August 28, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    A few of my guild mates know about my blog and have made no real effort to hide it from the rest. As Zaltu said I think a good rule of thumb for posts which involve your guild is to ensure you’re not saying anything that you wouldn’t be prepared to say to them face to face, or in game.

    Good luck with which ever way you go.

  4. August 28, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    The only guildy who knows about my Blog is a RL friend as well. I dont volunteer that I have a blog, but if they find it, more power to them.

  5. August 28, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    I’ve been a wowblogger for over 18 months now blogging about my character and my perspective as I see it.

    When I started blogging I was Guildless just after tBC launched. I kept blogging. Much later found a few good instance friends who eventually created a guild I joined. I kept blogging.

    I’m still in the guild and am one of 6 most senior member of our casual raiding guild. I still blog as usual.

    I don’t really ever blog about my guild at least not usually and never as a focus either. I blog as I’ve always done about whatever interest me to write about. I’ve written about my guild at times in situations of problems. But my approach is to always be as honest about it as well as never with intent make your guildies look bad especially if it’s not something you don’t one day you want them to read of them.

    But having said that I’ve never advertise ever inside the game that I’m a blogger or that I blog to someone that never asked me first and usually I never say otherwise.

    I like to keep it relatively unknown that I blog at all. But many people read my blog and some even on my own server as well have out the blue whispered me in game to say “Hey, I read your blog. Really enjoy reading it” I’m like gee thanks for being a reader. Only then I acknowledge that yes I do write that blog.

    In time I’ve found one it two people in my guild that read my blog as well which I guess is the main point. I never told anyone I blog in my guild nor do I reference or promote it either. If they find my blog great and I guess that’s how the ones that did found mine. They were reading blogs as well and eventually found mine. It surprised them that I wrote a blog for as long as I have and never knew. But I still don’t promote it to them even now they knew I blog. On my guild forum my signature has my blog link. So I guess anyone that sees it should know I blog even though I never said.

    My blog is my wow space to write freely my mind and perspective. If my guildies find it and read it great. If not great as well. But one day some will eventually find it given enough time if you blog long enough.

    Ardent Defender

  6. August 29, 2008 at 4:24 am

    If you’re blogging odds are sooner or later they will find your blog anyway and read it from bottom to top.

    You don’t have to advertise the presence of your blog but much like the rest of us you have to assume that your blog will eventually be read by someone on the same server or even in the same guild as you.

    I’ve not had any problems over my blog posts so far even though there seem to be some people on my server that read it.

    Don’t post things you don’t want people to know I suppose is the best and probably most obvious piece of advice I can give.

  7. August 29, 2008 at 10:54 am

    Thanks for the advice.

    Interestingly enough, through many of my early blog entries I actually thought that two or three people in my guild knew about it. So I wrote with that in mind. I came to find out that they actually don’t know.

    The most likely ones to find it would be rogues, since this blog comes up on rogue-related Google searches. But I am the only high level rogue in my guild.

    I think that I will probably keep it quiet. Yes, some of them may find it eventually. Then again, I don’t think there are many in my guild who are avid blog readers, so it may stay a secret for a while.

  8. August 30, 2008 at 3:39 am

    My guild knows that I blog, though I doubt many of them read it. (I think they rather spend time playing the game than reading about it). But to me it’s much simpler. I know they read it and I won’t write anything I couldn’t tell them. I don’t have to worry about anyone “finding out”.

    I keep my blogging a secret to my family though. I don’t know why really, but since they don’t approve of wow I don’t think they’d like me to spend time on it out-of-game. I want the blog to remain my own playground where I can feel free and honest. So I keep it apart from real life. Which in one way is a lie I guess…. Well who said life was simple?

  9. 9 Laaysee
    September 4, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Yes. “she” does know about it and reads it regularly. Although i don’t normally reply, I want you to know that I really enjoy coming here and keeping up with you and some of the goings on with the guild. I always liked and respected you and that has not changed.

    You and your family are wonderful people and I often think of y’all and miss the fun times we had. Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again someday. =D

    I’m so proud to read about the guild’s accomplishments. You’re moving right along. They are lucky to have a leader like you.

  10. 10 Saniel
    February 25, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    Well, thanks to BBB, I know now. 🙂

    It’s funny to see you mention me by class and think “oh yeah…I remember that.”

    Only most of the time it seems it’s about when I’ve gotten loot (Savage’s Choker, and healing cloth on Dal in Kara) over your toons. 😛


  11. February 25, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    I doubt you’ll read this Saniel. But in case you do…

    The post about cloth drops in Kara wasn’t about you. It was about Thrice’s shaman alt. By the time I brought Metius into Kara, Daluaan was well-geared already.

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