WotLK insanity

The Wrath expansion is looming.

I like that word here…looming.  It hangs over us like a huge wave about to crash on our heads.

So with the WotLK wave looming over us, do we keep going about our regular play and wait for it to hit, oblivious to its impending impact?  Or do we stop what we are doing and just stare at the wave as it inches closer and closer…

A few bloggers have already chimed in on this topic, pro or con, about the approach of the expansion and, in particular, its effect on raiding.

A lot of this goes back to the “raid for fun” vs “raid for gear” debate that really is the “hardcore vs casual” debate in different clothes.

I’m going to keep raiding.  I couldn’t care less if I never get another useful piece of gear.  I want to see more stuff before the expansion.  In addition, there is not a single player in my guild who has said that he intends to stop raiding before the expansion.  I guess that’s a good indication of the “casual” opinion on raiding pre-expansion.  (on the other hand, the #2 and #3 raiding guilds on my server have broken up recently – that’s the hardcore side)


Many of my favorite WoW-bloggers have now focused their blogs entirely on the expansion, new talents, new professions, etc…  I haven’t read much of that because I figure that (1) its not finalized right now, and (2) I’d rather learn it all by playing through it rather than theorizing about it months in advance.

The irony of it is that I am playing in the beta.  I haven’t made any attempt to blog about it at any length yet.  Why?  Because I am not going about it with the intention of data-mining for tidbits of information that might yet change.  I am playing through the game, leveling, doing quests, fighting mobs, and submitting feedback.  I am doing my job – helping to make sure that on release the game runs cleanly and with as few problems as possible.

Also, I am not spending vast amounts of time in the beta.  Without my guildies there, it is fairly lonely to play except when you are in a PuG.  When I am in the mood to have fun, I am much more likely to be playing in Live servers where I have lots of green chat to keep me entertained.  Also, I have a guild to run, and an absentee guild leader is a bad thing.

I could write more about what I see in the beta, but I wouldn’t be theorycrafting and number-crunching and giving advice on which spec is best.  That’s not the way I play the game.  If I blog about the beta its more likely to be general impressions of the way things are working.  Maybe some screen shots, some loot comparisons.  Is that interesting to anyone?  Am I the only one that is taking a wait-and-see approach to the expansion?  Because if I am in the minority, I can start going on at length about the stuff I see in beta.

That said, nothing is working right now.  The “cool” rogue talents aren’t implemented, and the paladin is outright broken.  So even if I wanted to blow the lid off of the beta I’d have nothing much to say at the moment.

So… beta info to come!  Or maybe not!


3 Responses to “WotLK insanity”

  1. 1 Scott
    August 28, 2008 at 9:02 am

    I’m definitely with you on the wait and see approach. I didn’t even bother applying for a beta position because I would just as soon play what I can for now and experience the expansion when it comes out. It helps that my guild and I just got to 70 recently so there is still a huge amount of content that we haven’t gotten to yet. We’re hoping to at least get into Kara before the expansion comes out and it turns into a barren wasteland.

  2. August 28, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Im in the Beta as a Protec Paladin. I’m there to test just as you said the game functionality and my class changes, mechanics, feedbacks to changes and what can possibly be better solutions to things while the option is there for change before it’s released.

    Yes, it’s also tough to be in a endgame guild as a senior member and in Beta doing testing on a class your dedicated to playing. I’m the only one I know of in my guild in Beta. Our guild has 3 prime tanks, 2 Warriors and a Protection Paladin(me). I’m sure they can do just fine while I’m in Beta. Don’t make it easy either.

    I write about my perspectives being in Beta, nothing different to whatever I ever write about usually.

    Ardent Defender

  3. September 1, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    I’m in the wait & see camp. Sure I love the little bits coming out, but the roller coaster of emotion over some of the buffs, now nerfs, now buffs, now removed’s, just isn’t worth stressing my weary heart over.

    That said, I wont cry if you throw bits about… must go comment on tricks of the trade.

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