Jan’alai, meet my… hammer?

Our Magtheridon raid fell through this weekend due to poor attendance. As we disbanded and went on our separate ways, we grabbed together a good group to do ZA.

I had only been in ZA once, and I am always trying to get my guild to run there. People seem to prefer Kara and its 22 badges over the limited reward opportunities in ZA, though. This was a nice opportunity.

We tried to do the timed race to the bear boss. We reached him with 5 minutes on the timer, but a missed taunt by a tank sent us to a wipe and we missed the chance. Still, we got him down easily enough once the taunts were done right. That’s a very easy fight for a rogue, as the boss is standing still while the tanks taunt him to turn one way or another. All I have to do is stand behind him, go dps crazy, and not pull aggro.

Onward to the next boss, and through the “gauntlet”. Someone in the raid comments that the gauntlet is a lot easier with a tankadin to pick up all of the birds and keep them off the casters.

Crap. I have the only level 70 tankadin in the guild. He is not geared for ZA, though. He has exactly two pieces of Kara loot, the engineering goggles, the SSO shield, and the rest are quest blues and crafted stuff. Also consider that 99.9% of my playing time is on my rogue, so I am not experienced as a tank.

Despite my better judgment (paladin pun there) they convince me to switch from the rogue to the tankadin. I suspect they just wanted someone new to top the damage meters. 🙂

So we run through the gauntlet. I survived and did my job. I was going to switch back to my rogue for the boss fight, but they convinced me to stay on the pally to try and get the Amani Punisher. They even let me try tanking it once, but my gear was just not up to it. We killed him on the next try, but the weapon did not drop (although I got a nice mail piece for the healing set I may never use).

I went to switch back to my rogue, and then someone says that a prot pally is vital for the third boss, Jan’alai. So I don’t go back to the rogue.  I am on my paladin being generally useless through all the pulls leading up to the boss. (not that prot pallies are useless – we had a lot of CC so we didn’t need 2 tanks, and my dps is less than that of a SV hunter’s pet, so I felt useless in that situation)  FInally we get to the dragonhawk boss.

We had never tried Jan’alai before. We tried about 6 -8 times that evening, getting him down to 30% or so each time. At that point in the chaos of the boss enraging, the leftover dragonhawks flying around, and the fire bombs, someone important would always die. We got him as low as 4% once.  I got the hang of avoiding fire bombs while tanking a pack of birds and trying to keep that debuff from stacking too high.  I’d hate to have been the healer assigned to me.

Undaunted, we went back in on Sunday. We had to replace two people, so we had some learning attempts for the fresh faces. After a few tries, we were able to clear all of the dragonhawks before he enraged, and we did manage to kill him.

This was a very fun fight. The mechanics are interesting and its different than the usual boss fights. It is vastly easier with a prot paladin in the group. Since I have the only one in my guild, I doubt I’ll have a chance to bring my rogue in on that fight anytime soon.


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