Something to do

Tropical Storm Fay left me sitting at home with lots of free time.  So as I sat in front of the computer and logged into WoW in the middle of the day, I wondered what I might get done.

I started out on the Quel’Danas dailies.  I knocked those out in short order.  Then, to my surprise, there were enough people online at mid-day to do an instance run.  Black Morass was the heroic daily, so we went there.  I had never done BM on heroic, but it turned out to be not much harder than on regular since our gear is up to par for that level of content.

Back in Shattrath I grabbed the fishing and cooking dailies – they were convenient so I did them both.  I noticed then that my quest log said “You may only do 11 more dailies today.”  I don’t recall ever doing as many as 14 dailies in one day.  Could I reach the limit of 25?

I did the easy Nagrand daily, swung up to Ogri’la and did those as well.  Six more to go.

Next to Bashir’s Landing to do the daily there, then I continued to Netherstorm to get the Sunfury Attack Plans.  On the way back to Shattrath I swung by the Throne of Kil’jaeden to do the two dailies there.

Two more left.

Luckily I had grabbed the Razorthorn Rise quest while I was in Quel’Danas, so I stopped there on the way back to Shattrath.

One daily quest left… on to Skettis for the egg-bombing quest.

That’s twenty-five dailies, and I hadn’t touched any of the Netherwing quests, the Ata’mal armaments, the Skettis escort, the PvP daily, or the regular instance daily.  It took a while, but not nearly as long as I thought it would.

I feel like that should be an Achievement!


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