I hate that big ugly slug

There is something about Magtheridon that brings out the inner noob in my entire guild.  We have no trouble with Gruul’s Lair anymore, but still bang our head on Magtheridon.

This week it was the hunter’s turn to noob out.  We brought a couple of brand-new 70’s to the raid (not by choice, but due to low raid attendance) including two new hunters.  Because we had a pally tank with us we asked the hunters to misdirect a couple of the channelers to the paladin on the opening pull.

We had five attempts on Mag, and four of them were over almost before they started.  Out of those four bad wipes, three of them were due to hunters missing their MD, or MD to the wrong person.  Its was discouraging.  Our raid leader was especially upset because he is an awesome hunter who was forced to play on a warrior alt so we would have enough tanks.

On our one good attempt we had Mag to 17%.  We lost a couple of healers at 30% when he brought the ceiling down, and the remaining healers just couldn’t keep the main tank up indefinitely.

On that fight, I am embarrassed to admit to my fellow rogues that I was out-dpsed by a fire mage.  He’s new to our guild and he has some good gear, but that’s no excuse.  Maybe I was getting complacent.  Now I have a challenge.   🙂


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