Hi Magtheridon. Nice to meet you.

No posts lately because I haven’t done much. Ran Kara, blah blah. No new gear. Not gonna talk about WotLK stuff since its all going to change.

Our 25-man raid this week went to Magtheridon’s Lair. This was the first time in there for all but three of the raiders, so it was a learning experience.

I watched videos of the way this encounter used to be. I have never seen a fight that has been so severely nerfed as this one. Usually when raiders brag about how 1337 they are because they killed a boss before he was nerfed, I just ignore it as e-peening. In this case, though, it might be legit. Based on what I saw, the fight used to be total chaos, but now its fairly straightforward.

In our first attempts we had a couple of wipes getting the hang of coordinating our five tanks and controlling the elementals. Once we got that fixed, we were able to get all five channelers down before the first blast wave and get the cubes clicked appropriately. Our problem was keeping the main tank up through Magtheridon’s attacks.

We started with three healers on him – two priests and a druid, I think. The tank died. We added a fourth healer for our next tried and he still died. I don’t think we got Mag below 75%. The warrior tank was very well geared – T4/T5 and badge gear with 20k health. I can only surmise that the problem was with the healers.

I have never played a healer, so I have no real insight into the cause of this. I don’t think that the WWS report is particularly helpful here either. Does Magtheridon hit harder than Gruul? We have no trouble healing through the Gruul fight, but maybe this is a new level of damage that our healers are not accustomed to.

I think next week we’re going to try SSC next just to finish off our tour of early 25-man raids. We can clear some trash, get some drops, maybe get a shot at Lurker Below. I do look forward to getting back into Mag’s Lair. He doesn’t seem that hard, once the healers get it figured out.


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