Ten WoW Memories

This post inspired by a shared topic at Blog Azeroth. The topic was the Top Ten WoW memories. I cannot claim that these are my top ten, but certainly among the most memorable moments in the game. After thinking about it I noticed that almost all of them are pre-BC. Does that say something about the current state of the game? I don’t know.

10. Going into Ironforge for the first time. As a Night Elf, I started out in the relatively unpopulated Darnassus, and then moved on to Auberdine and other such small cities. When I made the run to Ironforge, walked in, and saw all of the people milling around in front of the bank (and saw my framerate go to 0.5 fps) it blew me away. That first made me realize the sheer number of people that were playing this game.

9. Evasion-tanking Prince Malchezzar. Our main tank died when Prince was under 10%. A druid switched to bear form and tanked him briefly, got him down to 1% and then died. Prince starts running around, one-shotting our raid. All that was left was me and a healer. I pop evasion and start fighting him. The healer dies to an infernal and its just me and 1% of Prince mano-a-mano. Dodge, dodge, dodge… evasion runs out and I managed to dodge two more times anyway… and down he goes. The raid group insisted on taking a screenshot of the kill in which I was the only one standing up.

8. Zu’Farrak – I had read about the instance before going in. The guide I read said that the prolonged fight on the stairs was very tough. When we got to it I was so worked up that I was practically jumping up and down in my chair. We completed it – easily. To this day ZF is probably my favorite instance in the game.

7. Fighting Stitches in Duskwood. After getting stomped by him a few times while questing there, it was nice when a whole group of people formed up in Darkshire to meet him. What made that fun was the shared experience with a whole bunch of people I didn’t know, all working toward a common goal. I missed out on real world PvP, and battlegrounds seem staged, so this was a neat and authentic social experience.

6. Opening of the Dark Portal. On the day of patch 2.0.3 right before the Burning Crusade release, I got a whisper from a friend of mine saying “Get over here NOW.” I flew into Nethergarde Keep and rode south to the Dark Portal, and there was a huge crowd amassed around the portal, killing demons as they emerged from the portal. Also, everyone was flagged and just slaughtering each other. For some reason, my framerate was actually reasonable, so I flagged myself and waded in. It was a blast – certainly the most fun I have had at any world or holiday event.

5. Deadmines. After reading, researching, and trying to figure out this whole “instance” thing, my family brought our five-man group into an instance for the first time. It was chaos. We had no clue about aggro control, kill orders, focused dps, or anything. We didn’t get Van Cleef down that time, but it was a blast trying.

4. Joining a guild. I stayed unguilded until my early 50’s. I finally decided to give a guild a try when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to raid at 60 without one. I ran into someone in Gadgetzan who was polite, well-spoken, and not pushy. I agreed to join, and immediately got all those green-text “welcome” messages. A year and a half later – I’m still in the same guild, now as GM.

3. Shortly after joining my guild, I logged on one day and was immediately greeted with a group invite. I agreed and was summoned to Silithus before I had any idea what was going on. The shout went out in guild chat… “We’re fighting that Anubis guy!” I zoned in and saw Emissary Roman’Khan and a couple dozen of my guildies. Its not the fight that was memorable – it was the first time that being in a guild made me feel like I was really part of a group.

2. Logging in for the first time. Watching the cinematic opening, followed by the zoom in that lead right to your character standing there in front of some guy with a yellow exclamation point over his head. Its been two years and I still remember that as clear as day.

1. Killing Attumen the Huntsman. I had not raided at all pre-BC and had zero raid experience heading into Karazhan. We had tried Karazhan before but had not been successful. This attempt we were short a tank, so we got a PUG tank. He had run Kara before so he was able to explain the fight to us. We had only two healers, and he warned us that first-time Kara raiders usually needed three. We cleared to Attumen, but took too long and had respawns so had to clear again. The second time we got to Midnight, and the tank explained what to do and we started. As the fight went on he said things like “Hey, you guys have good dps” and “This is going very well” and “great healing.” We lost a couple of people along the way but succeeded in the kill. Our PUG tank told us how impressed he was with our healers, and that he would be happy to run with us anytime. As my first raid kill, that was a great experience.

There are others I could list here. And when I think about it more I will probably find some that would knock the above listed ones out of the top ten. Being voted as GM of our guild, doing our first 25-man raid, getting my first epic gear, hitting level 70, killing Murmur, and others also stand out as nice moments.


2 Responses to “Ten WoW Memories”

  1. July 14, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    I love that stair fight in Zul’Farrak. I wonder if I can do it solo now….

  2. 2 Toque
    July 15, 2008 at 9:36 am

    I had a similar fun experience with stitches. I had gotten smooshed a few times trying to solo him before some high level got him.

    This time there were 3 of us (all strangers) available to kill him. A priest, hunter, and rogue (me). We had no tank so we let Watcher Jordan make the first attack, the priest healed him while the hunter and I dps’d. High fives all around when done. Was a great feeling.

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