A Tale of Two Raids

Flashback to a short time after the Burning Crusade was released.  My guild had a lot of people at levels 62-65.  On a whim, we decided to go into Zul’Gurub.  Most of us had never been in there at all.  We were a little high level for the place, but still completely inexperienced at raiding.  Someone invited an acquaintance who knew all of the fights, and he went with us to lead us through.

We killed Venoxis, and were feeling good about it.  Then he led us to Bloodlord Mandokir.  Well, that fight was a problem.  We wiped on it several times.  After that, the guest raid leader announced that we were terrible and we should just stay in old world content until we learned to play.  And with that he quit and hearthed.

That left a bitter taste in my mouth.  We had made no secret of the fact that we were inexperienced, so I don’t know what his expectations were going into the place.  I’m generally an even-tempered gamer, but I laid into the guy in whispers until he put me on /ignore.

Flash forward to July, 2008.  Our guild alliance decides that, just for a change of pace, we would try going into Tempest Keep and give Void Reaver a shot.  Keep in mind that only about half of our raid even has any T4 gear, so we knew we were in for an uphill battle.

When raid time came we were a few people short.  One of the raiders from our partner guild contacted a friend of his from a very progressed guild.  His friend, a prot pally, joined the raid and took over leadership.  This guy was totally geared out – T5/T6 level gear with 19k health.

My first impulse was that this would be a recurrence of the ZG debacle from a year ago.  Knowing how inexperienced and undergeared we were, I anticipated this guy would quickly get fed up with us and leave.

But that didn’t happen.  He was patient.  He gave clear instructions.  He explained every fight without any hint of impatience.  When we wiped on the first pull he calmly went over what went wrong and got us quickly back in place to try again.

It took us two hours to clear to Void Reaver, but we did get to him.  We had four tries on him before the room started to respawn, and the best we did was getting him to 54%.  But we had a GREAT time doing it.  We got to see content that we had never seen before.  Someone got a Nether Vortex.  We also had two epic drops from trash – Bands of the Celestial Archer and Fire-Cord of the Magus.

I usually avoid using character names in this blog, but I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Talingon on the Sen’jin realm.  He was a great guide and teacher, and I hope to get the opportunity to run with him again.

P.S. – we also had two out-of-guild rogues invited to fill out the raid, and both outgeared me.  I destroyed them in dps.  Go me!  e-peen!


3 Responses to “A Tale of Two Raids”

  1. July 14, 2008 at 12:47 am

    Great story.. love it when life goes contrary to expectations!

  2. 2 Hrog
    July 17, 2008 at 9:51 am

    very fun to read 😀

    probs to Talingon, very nice indeed to help you out!

  3. 3 ActuallyTalingon
    September 23, 2017 at 8:20 am

    So today I decided to google my old paladin, lookong for a picture of my old Pimpadin gear, and I stumbled on this long dead blogpost.

    I was Talingon of Sen’Jin, Tally the Sexy Pally Supreme, the Shining Golden God of dodgestacking tankadin lawful goodness, main paladin tank of the Zombie raiding guild.

    And even though this is a decade late, I’m glad it was a good experience for you. You may never read this, and nobody might never see it, but I do want to acknowledge that I did see it just in case somebody does. Unfortunately I quit World of Warcraft at the end of Burning Crusade, so I doubt there was much of an opportunity to raid with you again, but I hope you’re doing well in whatever path of life you’re walking.

    ~Talingon, the Sexy Paladin

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