New Shoulders? Or profit!

Every day when I log on and again when I log off I hit the auction house. I always use Auctioneer to scan the prices to look for good deals. Besides that, I routinely check the listings for Talbuk Venison, Scrolls of Agility, Super Healing potions, and leatherworking patterns.

Today my jaw dropped when I saw the pattern for Swiftstrike Shoulders on the auction house for 600g… that’s about 1/3 of its usual price on my server. I grabbed it right away.

Now I have to decide… do I learn the pattern and then collect the rather pricey mats to make it for myself? Or do I resell it for a profit of around 1000g?

When raiding, I am currently wearing the Netherblade Shoulderpads for the 2-piece T4 bonus. When I am soloing I usually wear either the Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless or the Blackened Leather Spaulders. The Swiftstrike shoulders are an upgrade, but is it worth the cost of two Heart of Darkness and other mats? I can equip the Netherblade Facemask and Netherblade Breeches to keep the T4 set bonus when raiding, so that’s not an issue.

The renowned EJ spreadsheet says that the new shoulder/head combo will increase my damage by 7.60 dps. Is that worth the cost of the pattern and the mats, and also worth giving up 1000g of profit?

Normally, my philosophy is get the best gear I can get NOW. I don’t save DKP for the top gear. I don’t keep my gear enchant-free in expectation of replacing it. I get whatever I can RIGHT NOW. Also, the expansion is so far off that its not a consideration.

On the other hand, I’d really like to get my epic flyer for my pally alt. Making these shoulders vs selling the pattern is a swing of 2000g one way or the other. I could save myself two weeks worth of dailies by selling the pattern.



4 Responses to “New Shoulders? Or profit!”

  1. July 11, 2008 at 2:21 am

    I guess the question is what do you want more before WoLK? A recipe & piece of gear that will be redundant, or flying mount?

    Good luck with your dilemna

  2. July 11, 2008 at 10:29 am

    I have no idea why people are actually concerned with WotLK now. Its got to be at least 5 months off. Am I supposed to stop playing? Should I just spend the next 5 months farming?

    Off on a tangent…
    Why would anyone spend $15 a month on a game if they have already decided that it is dead due to an impending expansion? If someone is going to stop trying now because everything will be outdated in the expansion, then the better choice would be to cancel the account until November, right?

    I don’t understand that attitude at all. When I make my decision, WotLK is not even a small consideration.

  3. 3 Reigan
    July 11, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    I’d go for the pattern and just pass on the gold. I’m an engineer, and a big fan of getting all the craftable stuff I can for my professions…hell, I’ve dropped 500g on the “lifelike mechanical toad schematic” just for kicks. I have a friend thats afraid of toads (both in real life, and in game). I crafted it, lured her to IF, and chased her around for about 20 mins…IT WAS HILARIOUS…she never thought to leave group so I couldn’t find her easily. LMAO!

    Anyways, with all the dailies you can do now, you can earn money hand over fist by finishing those out and AH-ing the raw resources you collect along the way (in my case, fel iron ore (22-25g) and adamantite ore (30-32g) by the stack). Craft the new shoulder piece, which you’ll get good use of until you get the T5 shoulders according Shadowpanther’s gear Spreadsheet, then use your rogue (with 7xtra dps) to burn through the dailies till you get the gold for the epic flyer (for the alt). Thats what I’d do.

    I agree with you on your views of WotLK. While I can’t wait for it to be released, I’m living in the now. I have a Fire Mage alt that I’ve just dropped about 2K gold lvling Tailoring up to 375 and so he could wear the Spellfire set. Then I gotta farm the Spellstrike hood and Pants from SLabs and Halls. If WotLK comes out while I’m trying to get those, I’ll move on, till then, thats my focus.

    Also, good blog. Its a nice quick diversion from work. Keep up the good work.

  4. 4 Elton
    July 12, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    I would also say go with learning the pattern. You may also run into people willing to pay to have them crafted, and over time you might end up with over 1k in profits anyway.

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