Void Reaver – as easy as he looks?

The past two weeks our guild alliance has come up short of the 25 we need to run Gruul’s Lair. Its the summertime, and this past weekend was a holiday. Its not that we don’t have enough people. They just haven’t been logged on. Both weeks, we could name a list of people who are normally online on Saturday, but for some reason did not log in that night.

Perhaps some of the problem is that they are tired of Gruul. Our current raid is a mix of two types. We have a group of people who were here when we were farming Gruul, so they are bored of him. We also have a group who are new to 25-man raiding and have to learn the fight and, in some cases, gear up. Everyone is frustrated when we wipe.

So I think we are going to try a change of pace. I’ve watched videos of the Void Reaver fight. He looks easy in the video. I have heard him called “Loot Reaver” in jest. I doubt any T5 level boss can truly be easy, but just for a change, I think we are going to try him this week.

That’s a fair step up in level for us. Half of our raid is T4 and badge geared and ready for T5 content. Half is still mid-Kara geared and have not yet killed Gruul. It seems to me that as long as the tank and healers are well-geared, then everyone else just needs to learn how to avoid the orbs. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe we won’t beat the enrage timer without awesome dps. Still, I hope that the prospect of T5 tokens will help to get everyone to log on for the run.


2 Responses to “Void Reaver – as easy as he looks?”

  1. 1 Hrog
    July 11, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    regarding the orbs: They used to be “announceable” by addons like bigwigs or dbm, hence “lootreaver”, but this is no longer the case. We still loose 6-10 people each fight, people need to pay attention ^^

    regarding voidreaver itself: you’ll need more than 1 tank on this fight, but you need them as well on thrash, so that’s not new. He does a de-aggro-ing knockback, so unless you want your DPS to be “capped”, you need at least 3 tanks in my opinion. That should give tank #1 enough time to get back on top when #3 gets the knockback. Probably even 4 to play it save. In case of warrior: no need for rage-starvation, plenty of that because of the pounce every xx seconds.

    I wish you luck, watch Omen, and see by how much your melee pwnz the casters on this fight 😀


    P.S. get a CoH-priest or shaman to group-heal melee on this fight!

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