Personal Achievements

This was a weekend of personal firsts for me.

In addition to getting my 2nd max-level toon, my rogue main hit some new heights.  I was in on a Nightbane kill for the first time ever.  And my guild took down Netherspite for our first time in an all-guild run.

I find the Netherspite fight to be annoying.  Its not that it is terribly hard.  I think the beams and the little dance among them is a neat idea by Blizzard so its not just the same old strategy.  I just hate all of the running back and forth.  Run to the window, run back to the dragon, run to the window, etc…  Maybe there is a better way.

On Saturday night we went into Zul’Aman.  My guild had tried it once while I was out of town, but it was a first for me.  We one-shotted the first boss and easily took out the second boss.  I was worried that I would be rusty after almost two weeks away, but I easily led the damage meters.  I did die repeatedly on the pulls of the stealthed lion groups on the way to the third boss.

We did try to do the lynx boss, and got him below 50% on our best try.  I’ve heard that he is a T5 level fight, and it did seem pretty hard on our healers.  We’ll keep trying.


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