Back to Azeroth

I was out of town for nearly two weeks.  I had internet, but the firewall where I was staying  blocked WoW.

This is normally where someone might say that the enforced vacation from WoW was a refreshing change, or that it recharged them or something.  Naw.  I thought about Warcraft the whole time.  When I left, my pally was at level 69.  Sixty nine!  So close!

So while I was gone I read web sites that theorycrafted about tankadins.  I came back prepared.  I came back focused.  <cue “Eye of the Tiger” here>

I logged in and we hit Netherstorm because the quests are tightly clustered there, and because they have some great quest rewards for tanks.  I picked up Dabiri’s Enigma from a quest line and I’m only the instance runs away from the Sha’tari Vindicator’s Waistguard. During the intense questing I hit 70.  Woot!  My 2nd level 70!

As a bonus, I grabbed the Depleted Sword for cheap on the Auction House, and my main was able to get the shards necessary to convert it to the Crystalforged Sword.

I bought the Delicate Eternium Ring, and I have all of the mats for the Bracers of the Green Fortress.

On top of all that, I dropped blacksmithing and picked up engineering.  It cost a few hundred gold, but I leveled it from one to 290 in the first day.  I hope to have the Tankatronic Goggles within a couple more days.

Right away I had an opportunity to tank Shadow Lab.  With my new gear, sitting at 11k health and 10k armor unbuffed, we went in.  One wipe on Vorpil when our mages died, and two wipes on Murmur when our healer died.  Other than that, it was a smooth run.  Even on bad pulls the multi-target tanking of the paladin was able to hold it together.  I won’t say that it was fun, but it was nice to get the experience.

Thanks to Maintankadin for the guidelines on tanking and gear.

Its nice to be back in Azeroth!


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