Alt report: almost there…

I got my pally alt up to 69 this weekend.  I still enjoy grinding mobs when my wife is on her frost mage.  I get a little thrill every time we get a quest that has us “kill 10 wombats” or something similar.  Ten wombats?  That’s two pulls.  I have much more fun with that than I do tanking an instance.

I hit 69 while still only partway through the Blade’s Edge quests.  I imagine that I might reach 70 before even seeing Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Valley.  That’s nice, because I can still do the massive questlines there for Aldor and Consortium rep, and they will also be a good source of gold in addition to the dailies.

I tanked Old Hillsbrad with him.  I’ll tell you, the Thrall escort gauntlet is nice with a pally tank.  Thrall runs into the group, the pally runs in and consecrates and grabs the bunch.  I also did dispel duty on the polymorphs.

I did learn that its a problem to be overgeared as a pally tank.  In the Old Hillsbrad run there were a number of times when I was tanking only one or two mobs and didn’t take a lot of damage.  Without a lot of damage, I didn’t need much healing, and I used up my mana very quickly.  I had to drink after almost every pull for much of the instance.

I’ve been trying to accumulate gear for him to use when he hits 70.   I have the Crystalforged Sword in the bank. I’m working on getting some Felsteel armor pieces crafted.  I have the Shield of the Wayward Footman already.  I have a small supply of Solid Star of Elune in my mailbox for when I get gear with sockets.  I have been trying to accumulate cards for the Furies deck.  Its been hard.  In the past I have assembled both the Lunacy deck and the Blessings deck.  I never had trouble finding the cards on the AH, it was just a matter of waiting for a good price.  With the Furies cards I have 2-6 but I have not seen 7 or 8 at all, and I’ve been looking regularly for a month.  I saw the Ace only once and it was outrageously overpriced.

Next step:  grind some KoT rep to get their Glyph when I hit 70, and do some Netherstorm quests to get some nice tankadin rewards.  My goal is to be uncrushable within a week or so of hitting 70 so that I can step in and tank if needed.  I’m using the Maintankadin site as a guide.


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