Rogue vs Terestian Illhoof

I just remembered that I never finished this series of posts on Karazhan…


Terestian Illhoof is an optional boss in Karazhan, easily reached when you are clearing past Curator toward Shade of Aran or Chess. This is a very chaotic fight with lots of mobs running around. Rogues need to be able to maximize their burst dps, and also learn not to use tab-targeting.

This is not meant to be a complete raid strategy guide for Illhoof. For such a guide, see WoWWiki, BossKillers, or MMO-Champion, just to name a few. This post is just to help rogues maximize their utility in this fight.

Threat should not be an issue in this fight since you are switching targets while the tank builds up aggro on the boss. For paladin buffs you can get Might rather than Salvation. Since Illhoof and Kil’rek are both demons, an Elixir of Demonslaying (or two, since they only last 5 minutes) might be helpful here as well.

As the fight starts you will see Kil’rek and Illhoof standing behind a green circle on the ground. When Kil’rek dies, Illhoof gets a debuff that causes him to take additional damage. Thus, your first job in this fight is to kill Kil’rek. He is pretty squishy and goes down fast. He does melee and fire damage. If you have an off-tank holding aggro on him then you can just go crazy on dps. If not, then a rogue with some Kara gear can tank him as long as he gets some heals. Kil’rek is stunnable, so you can use that to your advantage. (Note that if your raid has a lot of AoE dps you might just ignore Kil’rek and let the AoE take him out. Listen to your raid leader!)

While the fight is going on, you will be surrounded by constantly spawning imps. In most strategies, melee dps can ignore them. Leave them to the warlocks and mages. If you don’t have any warlocks and mages… head upstairs to Shade of Aran. 🙂

When Kil’rek dies you will target Illhoof. Stay behind him and use your regular attack rotations. Illhoof’s health should go down relatively quickly. Ask your tank to keep him near the green circle. Kil’rek will respawn a couple of times during the fight, and you will leave Illhoof when that happens. Take down Kil’rek again and get that debuff back on Illhoof.

Kil’rek is your first responsibility, but not your most important one. Try not to stray too far from the green circle. Several times during the fight Illhoof wiill sacrifice someone. That person will be placed in the center of the green circle surrounded by Demon Chains. The sacrificed person is going to take damage quickly. The damage can be healed through, but its a big drain on your healer’s mana AND Illhoof heals himself while the chains are up. Your job, rogue, is to take out the demon chains ASAP. Burst dps!

The hard part here is targeting the chains with all the things around. If you tab-target you will lose precious seconds trying to find the chains among all of the imps. The all-but-necessary way to do this is to make a simple macro that just says /target Demon Chains or just /tar demon. Place a button for that macro on your button bar somewhere accessible. When someone is sacrificed, hit the macro, turn toward the chains and go all-out. You are going for maximum burst here. SnD should hopefully be up from your regular dps rotation, so get a couple of SS in and Eviscerate and hope for a nice crit. (note: I have heard that the chains have a “back”, but I have not spent time running around trying to find it, so I have never tried to Backstab them. If anyone knows where their “back” is please say so in the comments.)

If you get Sacrificed, there is nothing you can do. Cloak of Shadows does not break it, nor do pvp trinkets. You have to sit there and hope that the healers can keep you up and the other dps can take out the chains quickly.

Illhoof is not immune to poisons. Wound Poison will reduce the amount that he heals when someone is being sacrificed. If you are having trouble killing the chains quickly, you might consider using that to take the edge off of his healing.

So the complexity of this fight is that you are switching between three targets. You kill Kil’rek, you dps Illhoof, and you burst down the chains. Kil’rek respawns, and the cycle repeats. The chains are always priority #1. If you are good at macro construction, you might consider writing a macro that cycles between those three targets. I don’t use that, personally.

If you are successful, Illhoof has a couple of fairly nice rogue drops, but nothing amazing. The Xavian Stiletto is a good thrown weapon for rogues looking for more crit rating. Fool’s Bane is pretty nice for a mace spec. Most of his loot is coveted by other classes (we have all seen druids with the way cool Stranglestaff).

Good luck!


3 Responses to “Rogue vs Terestian Illhoof”

  1. 1 Dalamyr
    June 4, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    The chains do have a back. They ‘face’ the entrance to the room. So, if you’re standing at the back of the room and facing the chains you can Backstab and Mutilate as much as you like. We would usually tank Illhoof in his starting spot, just turned around so he was facing the back of the room. It was great as a rogue, because I could just spin around when someone was Sacrificed and be behind the chains.

  2. June 4, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    @Dalamyr – Thanks. I will add that information into the post.

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