Where to now?

Last night we were able to down High King again (on a few tries) and once again one-shot Gruul.  Its amazing how much easier Gruul is than HKM.  He’s just a dps race, while HKM requires some coordination and strategy.

After the raid we discussed what our next step will be.  Nothing was decided, but its food for thought.  Keeping in mind our time constraints:

(1) We spend Friday on 25-man content

(2) We spend Saturday and Sunday clearing Karazhan for Badges.  There are still a lot of our players who need gear from there.  I suppose that at some point Kara will become a one night event.  But right now that is not the case.

So the obvious next step is to try Magtheridon.  That is also a short instance, and something we could do on the same night as Gruul once we have learned both runs.

However, we have two players in our guild that have been in bigger raiding guilds in the past.  They strongly recommended that we go straight to Void Reaver, and then the first bosses in SSC.  I don’t really know their reasons, other than the better loot drops.  They seemed to think that the drops from Mag aren’t worth the time it takes to learn the fight.

My personal preference would be Magtheridon just for the sake of progression and achievement.  Loot aside,I am an explorer and its a part of the game I’d like to see.  I suspect that a lot of others will want to jump to Void Reaver for the lure of T5 gear…

Also, I get the feeling that as a whole we aren’t geared well enough for T5 content.  We are still dragging a few players along in Gruul’s Lair that are underperforming, but we have enough good players in the raid to overcome that.  I don’t know that we could do that in TK.


2 Responses to “Where to now?”

  1. May 18, 2008 at 4:13 am

    We go Gruul’s Lair + Magtheridon on the same night. Mag isn’t that hard to learn, so probably they are just bored with it. Still, he drops the Tier 4 legs.

    Other than that, you can probably try to kill Hydross and Lurker – they require some coordination, but aren’t that hard either. I haven’t seen Void Reaver yet, because my guild stopped running him when the nerfing patch appeared.

    If you do the runs mostly on the weekends, I’d say add Magtheridon to the run, keep Kara for a while and then switch it to the SSC as more and more people get geared.

  2. May 19, 2008 at 10:02 am

    A couple of weeks ago, once my guild was comfortable that we had “Gruul on farm”, we went after Mag next. The fight is pretty easy to learn, we had him down our first evening in. Worth doing in my opinion, because once you learn it you can be in and out very quickly.

    The 20-slot bag, epic gems, and 20g each is nice – and nearly all of his other drops have found homes as well.

    From there we have gone into SSC, and while we’ll have Lurker down soon, he is a step up from the T4 zones. Thus far we’ve skipped Hydross (still building the resist sets) and Void Reaver (from 2.4 to 2.4.2 he was ‘broken’ in a way that made it harder to learn)

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