Gruul’s a Punk

We did, in fact, one-shot Gruul this week.

That’s not anything to brag about I guess, since we are very late getting to the 25-man raiding party. It was only our second week of raiding, though, so I’m still proud of our group.  I found Gruul to be much easier than the Maulgar fight.

We took five tries to get Maulgar. That initial pull is a tricky dance. We even had four hunters for misdirects, but something always went awry. What really stinks is that the loot was bugged. Our mage died before Krosh went down. Without a mage tank, he immediately assumed that we would wipe, so he released to do his corpse run. Surprise, surprise, our ranged dps finished off Krosh, and we were able to complete the encounter. Unfortuntely, the mage was also our Master Looter. Since he was outside of the instance when the death occurred, he couldn’t assign loot. We have a petition in to the GM, and we hope to get this resolved. I won my first piece of T4 gear from that fight, so I hope the GM is merciful and lets me have it.

Gruul went down on the first attempt. That is a very straightforward dps race, so our wipes last week were all the experience we needed to figure out spacing and avoid Shatters.

For now we plan to continue doing Gruul each week to get gear. If we can get that run to the point where we have no wipes, then I think we will try Magtheridon.

On a side note, I’m learning this DKP thing. I did spend my DKP on the Netherblade Shoulderpads, which is not really an upgrade from my Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless. In fact, they are only going to sit in my bank for now. Once I get another T4 piece, though, then the two-piece bonus is very valuable. However, it means that there are now three rogues and three hunters with more DKP than me, so I’m not going to be getting the Dragonspine Trophy anytime soon.


1 Response to “Gruul’s a Punk”

  1. May 10, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    For now we plan to continue doing Gruul each week to get gear. If we can get that run to the point where we have no wipes, then I think we will try Magtheridon.

    Honestly, don’t worry too much about perfecting the previous fight. If you have time, give Magtheridon a shot. I find that when you start working on a harder fight, suddenly all those previous fights seem a lot easier.

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