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We are going back into Gruul’s tonight. Since last week we have added a Kara/PvP geared holy priest and BM hunter to the guild and our partner guild has added a very well-geared prot warrior. So if we plug those pieces in to replace some of the undergeared players we brought last week I think we can get Gruul.


Magisters’ Terrace is a pain in the neck. Actually, a lot of it isn’t too bad, but the Priestess Delrissa fight is annoying. I have yet to try MgT on heroic simply because I hate that fight, and I can’t imagine how bad it is on heroic mode. People compare it to 5v5 PvP. I don’t do PvP so that doesn’t help me. But I really want the trinket that she drops. So I think a group of us are going to go in there on heroic mode and keep trying and trying (and repairing) and trying (and repairing) until we get her down.


After all of our debate over merging with a larger guild, we have settled into a guild alliance rather than a merge. Here’s a piece of irony – yesterday an even smaller guild merged with us. Yes, we are in the process of taking on a small group of players level 50-70. Most have little or no experience (even their guild master called it a noob guild). We’re not going to let this change our current alliance arrangement. But its funny anyway.


My lawn hasn’t been mowed in ages.  I blame WoW.


Now that our alliance has settled down, we are going to start using a DKP system for 25-man content. It is very simple. You accumulate DKP for raid time and boss kills, with bonuses for alliance-first kills. Each piece of loot that drops has a set DKP cost. When an item drops, everyone indicates if they are interested. The one with the highest DKP total gets it, and the DKP cost of the item is subtracted from his balance. If there is a tie then it is a /roll. The best thing about this is that there is no bidding. I think that bidding can create animosity.


I’m thinking.. should I get a third computer and third WoW account in my house so that my daughter can play along with us?  RIght now she shares my account.  My biggest concern is that she will actually play as much as I do, which is too much, and detract from her social life and schoolwork.


3 Responses to “Assorted Thoughts”

  1. 1 David
    May 9, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Two comments for you.

    First the priestess fight. There’s really no agro table. You cannot really tank them. So use all the cc you have available…everything and reduce the fight to multiple players vs 1 mob at a time and take them down 1 at a time while trying to keep all the players vertical. So its really not a typically focus all the mobs on the tank and focus fire them down 1 at a time. Instead they will agro on different people and change targets. Once you get a feel for it and if you have a lot of cc its really an easy fight.

    As far as DKP, unfortunately you have chosen the worst possible system.
    1) Someone has to assign values to drops for items. Whomever this is is going to get bitched at. Their life/lives just became miserable.
    2) Tons of stuff will be d/e that would be upgrades. Get used to it. Any non bid system causes this problem.
    3) The longer the system goes the more it screws newcomers. You have no way to balance or zero-sum points so over time the points inflation rewards the top 5 or 10 people the most and screws the rest.

    Go with a bid system…seriously it will cause less problems and work out better. Even better if its a zero-sum bid system.

  2. May 9, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    I hate pulls that require a lot of CC. Why? Probably because my guild and my group of instancing friends are short of CC. We went through the instance last time with a druid tank, rogue, BM hunter, holy priest, and boomkin. CC consisted of one sap and one trap, with an occasional cyclone. Now, we are all decked out in Kara and Badge gear. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to zoom through a non-heroic 5-man instance. But that pull gave us fits.

    As for DKP, I would have preferred a zero-sum system. But the people keeping track of it didn’t want the accounting headache. They use an add-on that does all the work for them. But I will point out the problem of newcomers starting out behind everyone.

    I don’t want a bid system. It creates a me-vs-him mentality. When a piece drops, it becomes a minigame of me-vs-the-other-rogues on who gets it. I foresee tension and animosity. Not interested. I’d rather have the highest DKP just get it, and I’ll wait until it drops next time. Remember – I was perfectly happy with a /roll system.

    I can’t see why an upgrade item would be d/e. If its an upgrade, why wouldn’t someone spend DKP on it?

  3. May 10, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    I can’t see why an upgrade item would be d/e. If its an upgrade, why wouldn’t someone spend DKP on it?

    Because it might be a minor upgrade or sidegrade, and thus not worth the full price. Like say you have a piece of Badge gear, and an equivalent raid epic drops. The raid epic is better, but only by a couple of points. Would you spend 50 DKP on that, or wait for another epic to replace a blue? Maybe the upgrade is worth 5 DKP to you, and a bidding system would allow you to capture that.

    Of course, it doesn’t really matter. It’s a simple system, and will work out 95% of the time. However, once in a while you probably will have a minor upgrade/sidegrade get sharded because someone will feel that the upgrade wasn’t worth the price.

    The only thing you need to make sure with your system is that DKP earned by the raid = DKP spent by the raid. If you give out more DKP than you spend, you’ll end up with inflation and that causes issues. In fact, giving out slightly less DKP than is spent is probably the best route. It’s always easier to give out more DKP later to correct things than it is to have to reduce people’s DKP totals.

    Bidding-wise, most guilds who bid use a single silent-bid system. You whisper your bid to the loot officer, and highest bid gets the item. They pay either their bid (English auction) or the second-highest bid (Vickrey auction). Since there’s only one bid, there’s no real competitiveness between people.

    As for your daughter, there’s a Parental Control section in Account Management. You could come to an agreement on when/how often she’s allowed to play, and set up the account to only allow playing during those specific hours.

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