Pardon me while I Gripe to the Internet

This post is me complaining out loud. Feel free to leave if you don’t want to read it. My feelings won’t be hurt.

After all of the drama my guild went through, resulting in a mass defection and crippling our attempts to raid, I am still a little bitter. I have pretty much focused my antipathy on one person who, in my opinion, caused all of the drama. She was an officer in the guild. She had an out-of-the-blue conflict with another one of our officers. She then campaigned her cause to other guild members, causing increased tension among everyone. She finally jumped to her husband’s raiding guild, which resulted in a slew of defections of people following her.

That’s all past tense. Why bring it up now?

Her raiding guild blew up. I can’t say that I’m sorry. That makes me vindictive and petty. Whatever.

She has spent the past couple of weeks guildless. I know this because the friends she still has in my guild have made subtle hints about re-inviting her. I have pointedly ignored every one of those hints. In fact, I have avoided talking to her or about her. I vowed to myself that I would never run with her under any circumstance.

Still… why bring it up now?

She’s not guildless anymore. She joined… you guessed it – the guild that we are allying with for our raids. Now I will be pushed into situations where I will be in raids with her.

I could be the bigger person here and just ignore her. Let bygones be bygones and forget the whole thing.

But this is a game. And I play the game to have fun. And if play with her it will just bring back all of the anger from the guild breakup. And when that happens I’m not going to have fun.

This weekend I am going to enter Gruul’s Lair. This will be the first time I have done a raid bigger than 10 people ever in my entire time playing WoW. It should be a momentous occasion. It should be a moment of triumph that I am finally a Raider. I should be excited.

But all I keep thinking about is the fact that she will also be in the raid, and how much that TICKS ME OFF. Its actually made me consider skipping the Gruul’s run. If its not fun, why do it?

On top of that, I keep wondering how coincidental it is that she ended up in that guild. The obvious conclusion is that one of her friends in MY guild steered her there, knowing about the guild alliance. That pisses me off, too.

/end gripe


1 Response to “Pardon me while I Gripe to the Internet”

  1. 1 Rochmoninoff
    April 28, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    My advice: just let go.
    It IS just a game.
    As far as you know, there’s no real person there, it’s just a female avatar with a bad AI.
    Don’t take it personal.

    Do you take it personal when a boss doesn’t follow the Omen2 and suddenly goes for a squishy? Think of her the same way.

    You’ll have more fun that way. And in the end that’s all that matters.

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