Bad Timing

Last night was our first joint run with our partner guild. For the first run we just did a one-player swap. Our prot warrior ran with their guild, and one of their pallys ran with us.

Our prot warrior who ran in their raid told me that their run went smoothly. They cleared through Prince except for Nightbane and Netherspite. A couple of wipes, but generally smooth.

Not ours. Not even close.

We knew it was going to be bad when the pally from the other guild ran out of mana during the Attumen fight, causing a wipe.

It only went downhill from there.

On the night that we are trying to make a good first impression, we played like total and utter noobs. We broke traps. We missed assignments. Our raid dps was a significant fraction lower than it has been in past runs. I don’t know what the hell got into us, but it was simply pathetic.

There are a couple of mitigating factors… the pally from other guild doesn’t heal very often. His main is a hunter. So he was not very good. Also, our prot warrior who ran with the other guild is also our MT and raid leader, so we were missing a significant piece. We had two other players in the raid who have only been in Kara one time before. We were short of quality healing, carrying two Kara newbies, and without our normal MT. And finally, we just have not raided very much in the past several months.

The other guild’s pally was apologetic for his healing. He understood that we did not have an optimal raid group. But I can’t make excuses. We have done lower Kara so many times that we should be able to finish it with our monitors turned off. I am embarrassed. I think my whole guild is holding its breath, hoping that the other guild doesn’t cancel our arrangement. I am almost afraid to log on today.

We’re going to try again tonight, and hope for the best.


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