Joint Run Tonight

A few posts ago I talked about the fact that we are trying to merge with another guild (specifically the “mirror image” guild).  I thought of some questions I felt that I needed to ask.  All of this has gone well so far.  I had a long conversation with their guild leader, and we’re trying a joint Kara run (or maybe even two runs) this weekend.

One thing threw me for a loop.  Despite our willingness to simply leave our guild and join theirs, they prefer to keep it as an alliance between two separate guilds right now.  I’m surprised by that.  In my experience, most guilds jump at the chance to add members.

To be honest, I admire this about them.  Their rationale is that adding a whole bunch of members at once can cause inequity issues between the old and new members.  They are trying to avoid drama.  So that is reasonable precaution on their part.

But now I have a sticky issue.  They are very concerned about the way loot will be handled.  Their guild uses DKP.  We don’t.  When I originally asked for suggestions, I got a lot of good ideas about DKP resets and different systems.  All of that is out the window if we are still separate guilds.

Now what?  They want to use DKP, but we’re not in their guild DKP system.  Even if we volunteered to join in on their DKP system, we would start out at a huge deficit of DKP.

I’ve actually suggested to a few of my players that we just pass on everything this first week.  The point on this week’s run is to build a connection between the two guilds.  The last thing I want is a squabble over loot.  We will certainly be running Kara often for the foreseeable future, so the loot will be there again later if we pass on it now.  Maybe its good to just “take one for the team” and go for the team-building aspect.  Besides, we have most of the stuff we need from Kara already.


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