A Day Off

I took the day off from WoW yesterday. We decided to watch Cloverfield on our new big screen TV. (I really like this movie, but it loses a great deal of its impact on a small screen, so if you watch it make sure to see it on as large a TV as you can find).

When I decided not to play for the day, I realized that I had not missed a day of WoW in weeks, as far as I could remember. The SSO dailies always give me something to do. My alt is still slowly moving toward 70 and will need gold for a flying mount once he gets there. There’s always something that makes me log on.

More importantly, as the Guild Leader of a guild that is in trouble, every day I don’t log on is a day where I could miss something important. Maybe an officer /gquit to go to a raiding guild. Maybe another guild tried to contact me about merging and I missed it.

I’m actually nervous when I’m not logged on. I guess that makes me (a) neurotic or (b) a control freak. Or both. I’m looking forward to being in a situation where I don’t have to worry so much about a game. Whether my guild disbands or we merge and I have a lesser role in leadership, it will actually be a weight off of my shoulders.


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