Decisions, decisions

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a potential guild merger. That didn’t work out. After the run we did with them they have not expressed interest, except to whisper me when they are short one or two people on a run. We have started referring to ourselves as their booty call guild – we’re the ones that they never call until they need something from us.

Continuing my pursuit of a guild merger, we now have two offers to merge and one more that I am still working on.

Guild #1 – the friend’s guild

The first guild has several former guildies in it who I know pretty well. They left before the guild drama that tore us apart. We still run with these friends even though they are not in our guild. Their GL has already said that we can join them if we want to.

Pros and cons:

  • Pro: Already know some people in the guild.
  • Pro: They are casual, don’t use DKP, and don’t have attendance requirements.
  • Pro: They are currently working on Gruul’s, which means that they are not far ahead of us in progression.
  • Pro: They have barely enough players to make their 25-man raid, so we would likely have a good chance to get raid spots.
  • Con: Lack of organization… no guild web site.
  • Con: Lack of interest… they guild leader seems to feel that we can join if we want, or not join if we don’t want. We want to find a guild that will benefit from the merger and shows some interest.
  • Con: Raid times… most of us are East Coast and many of them are West Coast. They start late… midnight local time on Friday nights, or even later.

Guild #2 – the Upgrade guild

This guild has also said that they are interested. I don’t know why, really. They are already into TK and SSC, so its not like they are having trouble putting together raid groups. Our officer who ran with them said that they seem like really cool people.

  • Pro: Possible opportunity to see SSC and TK very soon.
  • Pro: Organized with raid signups, DKP, and web site.
  • Pro: They claim that they have no attendance requirements (although their web site says otherwise).
  • Con: Raid times… they raid weeknights. We have a lot of parents and nine-to-fivers that prefer weekend raids.
  • Con: They already have Gruul’s on farm. As I have said in the past, I prefer not to be dragged by the nose through content that is new to me. I like the joy of discovery and sharing it with the entire group.
  • Con: They obviously have enough for 25-man raiding already. That means we might have a hard time getting in on raids.

Guild #3 – The Mirror Image Guild

This guild appears to be a lot like us. They have cleared Kara, but have not gone into 25-man content yet. They have started ZA which we have not. They raid Friday and Saturday evenings, which is perfect. I just contacted them for the first time today, so I am waiting on a response.

  • Pro: they do not greatly outgear us.
  • Pro: They have not seen 25-man content as a guild so we would all experience it together for the first time.
  • Pro: Raid times are perfect.
  • Con: They are a relatively new guild and may not be ready to jump into 25-man stuff yet.
  • Con: not known yet… hopefully I will hear from them soon

I know that my guildies were excited at first about Guild #1, but have since cooled to them. Some members are into Guild #2 because of the immediate possibility of 25-man raids. I know I am leaning toward Guild #3 if they are willing to merge.

Hopefully we will get something done this week. It would be nice if this didn’t drag out any longer.


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