Purple Rain

Epics dropping like crazy. I think at once point we had more epic drops than Soul Essences.

As perhaps a last hurrah for our guild, we organized a Kara run for Saturday night, determined to get our group of friends and long-time guildmates back in there even if we had to PuG a couple of spots.

To our surprise, we actually had nine 70s online at once for the run. One was a mage that had only dinged 70 this week and another was a hybrid pally that had never been in Kara. We were able to get a former guildie to come join us and round out the group.

We did the easy part of Kara – Attumen, Moroes, Opera, Maiden, Curator, and Chess. I won’t go into the details. We had a great time. The first-time Kara toons got lots of great gear. I lost the roll for my T4 gloves. 😦

What was strange – all the random epic drops. In about half of the instance, we had seven epics drop off of trash! That’s right – SEVEN! Just from the trash, we got the Ring of Unrelenting Storms, Boots of Elusion, Chestguard of Exile, Brooch of Unquenchable Fury, Zierhut’s Lost Treads, and TWO Drape of the Righteous. Add to that the boss drops and we had an amazing loot haul for our newer Kara toons in about half of Karazhan. Only two pieces were DE’d so they are mostly going to good use.

Has anyone else seen epics drop like this? Were we just lucky, or has Blizz changed the drop rates in another adjustment to give out gear before WotLK?

Note: also on the topic of statistical anomalies… I have run Kara enough that I became Exalted with Violet Eye several months ago, and I still have never seen the Big Bad Wolf event in Opera. Last night we got Wizard of Oz again 😦


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