Now what?

Well, my auctions all sold, I made all the gold I needed, and bought my epic flying mount.

Now what?

I have played WoW every day for weeks.  Each time I logged on I first went to my bank toon and checked my auctions, scanned with Auctioneer, and bought new consumables.  Then I switched over to my main and did dailies.  Then, if I had time, I would go to my alt and do some quests.

The vast majority of my time spent in the game for the past couple of weeks was targeted at earning gold for that mount.  Now what do I do?  This game is built around goals.  I need a new one.

If our potential guild merger pans out, then I guess I will have some raiding and instancing activity.  But until then, I have no idea what my goals are when I log into the game.  Grinding Shattered Sun rep has some good rewards.  But… /yawn.

My wife really wants a Nether Drake mount.  So I guess we can go work on those dailies.

My alt has really been neglected.  There were a group of us all at the same level working on alts.  Those of us who got caught up in the SSO dailies have stalled in the mid-60s, while the others have dinged 70.  They are already running BM and SL, while my alt barely gets any playing time and hasn’t even finished Mana Tombs yet.  Hopefully I’ll have some time for him in the upcoming days.  Getting him to 70 is the next goal.


1 Response to “Now what?”

  1. 1 arb
    April 19, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    Grinding Netherwing rep is utterly addictive, in my experience. The first time I did it took 10 days – don’t underestimate the value of the Netherwing eggs, especially in the first few days. You get access to one or two new daily quests at each level of Reputation, so the quicker you can move through Neutral to Friendly, then on to Honored, the better. If you’re 250-500 Rep from the next level try to find an egg or two, then do the dailys for the next Rep level.

    As an alternative approach, you could try grinding Rep solely from the Eggs. I did this with my second character, going Revered to Exalted thanks to 78 Eggs that I had stockpiled over a number of weeks. I found them just by checking known spawn points before bed each night, logging out and checking again the next day before embarking on whatever other things I wanted to do.

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