Cobra Scales! Get yer Cobra Scales here!

With the unlocking of the new Badge vendor, it was obvious that a lot of people would need enchantments on their new gear. This opened up the possibility of speculative investment – buying items cheap on the Auction House in advance and selling them at a markup when the demand rose.

Before our server unlocked the badge vendor, I purchased an assortment of enchanting mats with the intention of reselling them. Most of them (Arcane Dust, Void Crystals, various Primals) have not panned out. Other people had the same idea and stockpiled similar items. When the demand rose, the supply rose as well and the prices stayed relatively static.

The exception: Cobra Scales. For two days after the badge vendor was unlocked I was the only person who listed Cobra Scales on the Auction House. I controlled the market, and I set the price. And they sold. On our server they normally sell for about 15g. I listed them for 30g or more and sold every one. Since I farmed them myself, that was 100% profit.

Yesterday a couple of other people put Cobra Scales up for sale at a normal price of about 17g. Only a couple, though. I may try to buy out all of their auctions and control the Cobra Scale market for a week or so until the demand for Nethercobra Leg Armor dies down.

If you’ve never farmed Cobra Scales, its somewhat frustrating. They don’t drop as loot, so they must be farmed by skinning. There are only two snakes in Outland that give them. The Coilskar Cobras in and around the naga cave in Shadowmoon Valley have them, but they are surrounded by lots of aggressive mobs and they come in pairs. The Twilight Serpents on Twilight Ridge in western Nagrand give them as well.

Twilight Ridge is the place to farm them (if you have a flying mount to get there). Nothing on the ridge is aggressive (including the serpents) so you are safe from attack. Its off the beaten path so there is rarely anyone else there. The drop rate is low – about 10% of the serpents you skin. Published sites list the drop rate lower than that, but that’s because if you are not a skinner then your drop rate is zero. The respawn rate on the serpents is fair – if I go around and kill all the serpents on the ridge then the first ones are starting to respawn shortly after I get the last one. In an hour I can typically farm between 6-8 scales. That’s about 80-120g at a typical AH price. Plus all the snakes that don’t drop scales still give Knothide Leather which you can sell. And they are level 70 so they sometimes drop nice green loot. In fact, I got a Blade of Wizardry from a Twilight Serpent once. That helped fund my wife’s epic flyer. 🙂


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