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Keeping up with my WoW-life.

Guild Merger…

Slow progress on the proposed guild merger. I spoke with the GL of a potential merge-partner. He seemed nice enough. Its a “casual raiding” guild, which is good. But I have some hesitation. What I was looking for from the GL was some indication that his guild could really use us – that our raiders were going to be a benefit to his guild. What I got was the typical puffery that goes with being a Guild Leader. No one likes to admit that their guild needs help. So he talked up his guild like they were in great shape.

He pointed out the fact that his guild has 80 level 70 toons. Its ironic that as he told me that fact, his guild was on hold for a Gruul’s raid because they couldn’t get 25 raiders online. I would have preferred if he had said “It will be great to have you guys on board. We’ll have a much easier time getting our 25 man raids together with a few more good players.”

I know for a fact that they have trouble coming up with 25 people every week and usually have to PuG a couple of raid spots. So boasting about their 80 level 70 toons is counterproductive. It makes me feel like my raiders are not needed and will not be valued, and that we might have an easier time getting raid spots elsewhere.

Also – their raid time is late. They start at 10PM server, which is 11PM local time for me. That’s fine on Friday and Saturday, which is when they typically run. But if they expand their raid schedule to any other day of the week I’ll be unable to go. All of my guild’s players are on the east coast of the U.S. so that will be late for everyone.

Also of concern – they don’t have a web site for their guild. That struck me as odd. I thought that was a necessity for any raiding guild. Should I be concerned? Are there a lot of guilds out there with no web site?

Kara PuG

I said that I was going to try and PuG Kara. I never got around to trying it. I’ve been too busy doing daily quests for my epic mount fund. Also, I didn’t want to be saved to Kara in case our potential new guild wanted to try a get-to-know-you run.

Epic Flying Mount

In addition to the lucrative dailies, I have been flipping items on the Auction House. I have two epic items that I bought cheap and am trying to sell. Once they sell I’ll be able to buy the mount.

Badges of Justice

When I went to bed last night our server was at 96% on the anvil for the new badge vendor. I expect that it will be finished when I get home from work today. I have all of the mats to put a Mongoose enchant on my new dagger that I’ll be buying. That will leave me with about 10 badges – pretty far from either the ring or leggings that I would want.


3 Responses to “Weekend developments”

  1. 1 arb
    April 15, 2008 at 7:03 am

    Just a quick note ref your Lunacy Deck. Clearly it’s a seasonal item – it’s best to list it just prior to and toward the end of the week that the Faire is in town. It costs quite a lot to list and is not worth doing too often – not many people buy them well in advance of the Faire.

    Also, you’ll be undercut a lot, so only list for 12/24 hours at a time.

    Ref Badges, I presume you’re doing the SSO dailies in Outland? Four of the five give Shattered Sun Supplies that can contain a BoJ, and when Phase 4 is underway there will be a fifth chance. At a 10% drop rate you can expect a Badge every 2 days in Phase 4. I’ve amassed 25 by this method across my two active L70s.

  2. April 15, 2008 at 8:33 am

    25 Badges from the Shattered Sun Supplies?!?! Holy cow! I’ve gotten two! I only have one level 70 doing the quests, but still…

    I have been holding off on listing the Lunacy Deck, for the reasons you stated. I do put it up on weekends when there is a lot of activity. I managed to sell the Night Blade, but at not much of a profit. Seems that the bargain price I paid for it is all anyone is willing to pay. With so much PvP going on there are better weapons available through honor and arena points.

  3. 3 arb
    April 15, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    It’s true I seem to have had more than my share of luck on the Badges, but we’ve had 20 days of 2.4 thus far so that’s 80 Shattered Sun Supplies per L70 character which means the average will be 8 Badges if you do the quests religiously. My main Warrior has received 17 Badges and my alt Mage has 8. My brothers’ L70s have 5 and 7 respectively, so he’s justifiably crying foul 😉

    As you may remember I actively trade on the AH. Personally I usually avoid L70 items unless they’re significantly underpriced. With the easily accessible PvP items, together with rep rewards and instance drops, BOE Epics are increasinly devalued. And don’t get me started on craftable weapons…

    If you really want to make money on Epics and Rares then L17-39 is where the real money is at. With all this Daily cash swilling around inflation is rife in WoW. Bored L70s are chucking money at their twinks, which means BOE twink items and Mongoose/Savagery/etc enchant mats are rocketing in value. Always speculatively price such items – due to their low vendor value they are cheap to list, and you may be surprised how much people will pay for them.

    On the subject of Darkmoon cards/decks, never be tempted to make a deck for sale. Always sell the cards individually. I regularly sell certain Blessings/Lunacy/Furies cards for ~400g, whereas you’ll struggle to get more than 1000g for the whole deck on my server. The last day or so before the Faire leaves is the best time to sell key cards. I always inflate the price by 100-150g if mine is the only card on sale. Yes, I know it’s mercenary, but a guy’s gotta eat… 😉

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