Thinking about guild mergers

The latest suggestion to be thrown around among our guild officers is a merger with another guild. There is a big difference between merging with another guild and being absorbed by them.

In my mind, a merger is when two approximately equal sized guilds combined into one.  Both guilds would disband and then members would join the new guild under a different name.  The leaders of the two original guilds would combine to form the officers of the new merged guild.  The new guild is bigger and (hopefully) better and has more people available to explore previously inaccessible content.  Rules for content and loot are established and agreed upon before the merger takes place.

An absorption is when a smaller guild gets sucked up by a bigger guild.  The name of the larger guild remains unchanged.  Maybe one or two of the leaders of the smaller guild are offered officer spots in the bigger guild.  Or maybe not.  Conduct and loot rules are dictated by what the bigger guild has been doing all along.  The bigger guild will have almost all of the raid spots, with a few offered to new members from the smaller guild.

I could go for the first one.  I don’t want the second one.  I get the feeling that the second one happens a lot more often than the first, though.

I’m now doing some research.  Using my realm forums and WoWJutsu, I am looking for a guild that is

  • Progressed in Kara or maybe a little bit into ZA or Gruul’s.  That puts them very close to our own progression, so we are not coming into an arrangement vastly undergeared.
  • Small – only enough people to barely make a 25-man raid, if that.  This way when we join them we will have some raid slots open for us.
  • Casual – most of our members cannot raid on weeknights due to family or job.  We need a guild that will allow us to raid on weekends only.

I can find out these things about many guilds.  WoWJutsu tells me their progression (sort of – its not always accurate but I can get an idea).  The Armory tells me about their size, number of officers, and level of gear.  If I can find a link to their guild web site from the realm forums then I can learn about their policies, raid schedule, and loot system.

Will I find a guild that matches my needs?  Maybe or maybe not. If so then I need to start sending out feelers and  making contacts.  If not, then I need to consider arranging for us to get absorbed by a bigger guild.  Despite the fact that it rankles me to even think about it, that would provide the most opportunities for progression for our guild members.

I need to come up with discussion points if I do get in contact with the leaders of another guild.

  • leadership structure – as Guild Leader now, do I get any influential spot in a new guild?  One of my officers already told me that this is a deal-breaker.  If the new guild won’t trust us enough to give me an officer spot, then we can’t trust them in return.
  • loot system – if we get absorbed by a guild with a DKP system, are we starting out so far behind that we have no shot at loot?
  • raid times/schedule – is weekend raiding OK?
  • how raid spots are assigned – this is the big one.  I am only looking into this because I want my guildies to have a chance to raid.  If we join another guild and they don’t get raid spots then my efforts would be a failure.  Also, I play with my family (5 people).  I’d love to be able to raid together.

Am I setting unrealistic goals?  I’d like to think that there are guilds out there that would fit my criteria.  A lot of casual guilds must be stuck very near where we are in the game.  I just need to find them.

What other discussion points do I need to have?  Am I setting myself up for disappointment?


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