Guild Alliance: first impression

In my previous post I said that we were planning to do a joint Kara run with another guild. That happened this weekend, but not without some stops and starts. In the end it was a successful endeavor.

First, we had trouble agreeing on a raid time on Friday evening. They wanted an earlier time, whereas we are used to slightly later starts. So we compromised on about 8:00 server time (9:00 local for me). We were bringing four players and they were bringing six. That seemed like it would work

At the agreed-upon time, my four players were online and ready to go, with three of us waiting outside Karazhan to start summoning. No sign of any of the other guild. It turns out that their healer had not logged on yet so we were on hold.

Over an hour and a half later, their healer finally logged on. Unfortunately, by that time a number of their members had started to run heroic Sethekk Halls, and now they wanted to finish that. So the raid was called. This gave us a bad first impression, and we were a little shaky about the whole thing, especially since our druid has spent 25g to respec to boomkin for the run. However, the officer from the other guild assured me that we would be able to do the run on Saturday evening instead.

So on Saturday evening they contacted us and said that we would run at 10:00 server (11:00 local for me). That’s pretty late, but fortunately my kids typically allow me to sleep late on Sunday mornings.

This time it started smoothly on time. We were all summoned, went in and went to work. From a gaming perspective, it was a good run. We did quick one-shots of Curator and Illhoof, then wiped twice on Shade before taking him down. We had some trouble coordinating our placement on Prince, but finally got him down as well.

I think we made a good showing on the run. Our hunter had his best dps night ever. He and I were #2 and 4 on the damage meters for the run (they had an enhancement shaman that did insane damage!). As a rogue I always have a hard time keeping up with BM hunters, and this time I also fell behind a MM hunter in full Gladiator PvP gear. However, if we take away the first attempt on Shade where I died in about 10 seconds (noob mistake!!!) then he and I were almost even.

Our resto druid was amazing. We did the run with only 2 healers (plus a shadow priest using Vampiric Embrace) and the healing was never an issue. She said that she never even came close to running out of mana. I didn’t think we’d be able to do Prince with only two healers.

From a non-gaming perspective it was a little uncomfortable. They seem like nice people, and you could tell that they probably joke around a bit normally. But since we were all strangers on Vent the run was pretty quiet. It was an uncomfortable silence at times. I would think of something funny to say, but not say it because I didn’t want to come off as a goof if they were not a goof-loving guild. By the same token, their guys would occasionally swear in Vent, and they were probably uncomfortable because they didn’t know if we were a PG-13 guild. So the run was mostly quiet.

Also, we made off with a load of loot. Specifically, our hunter, who had always had terrible luck on Kara drops, got three upgrades. He took Girdle of the Prowler from Illhoof, his T4 gloves from Curator, and the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix from Prince. It was such a good loot night for him that he refused to roll on the T4 helm that Prince dropped, since we didn’t want to come off as loot whores.

Hopefully they were impressed enough to invite us back. We didn’t even have our best dps player with us (SV/BM hunter) or our two Kara-geared tanks (Prot Warrior, Feral Druid). Their guild is almost ready for Gruul’s so if we continue to put our best foot forward there may be a 25-man raid in our future.


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