Rogue vs. Prince Malchezzar

Prince MalchezzarThis is an active fight as a rogue. For part of it you’ll be in your favorite place – standing behind a stationary foe and dpsing like crazy. For other parts you’ll need situational awareness and perhaps a bit of luck.

This is not a raid strategy guide. For that you can go to well-established sources such as WoWWiki, or Bosskillers. This is just to let you know what you – the rogue – will do during this fight.

First – Prince is a demon rather than undead, so he can be Ruptured (hooray!). This is important, since there are times that you will be running away from him, and your Rupture and Deadly Poison can keep ticking.  Edit:  Since patch 2.4 almost all mobs in Karazhan can be Ruptured.

Second, since he is a Demon, you will find that Elixir of Demonslaying is your best bet for a Consumable. That +265 AP = yummy!

Third – sometimes even the best groups wipe on Prince due to bad Infernal locations. Keep your wits about you and try not to get frustrated.

The Prince fight has three phases. The second phase is where your tank will take the most damage and could die, resulting in a wipe. Your whole raid, and you in particular, will want to have maximum dps output during phase 2 to get through it quickly. It is advised that you dps slowly in phase 1 to let your tank get a big threat lead before you open up some whoop-ass in phase 2.

Phase 1 starts. Your tank grabs Prince and positions him. You get behind him and start slow dps. Don’t use cooldowns or go crazy. Let your tank get way, way ahead of you in threat. Infernals will start to fall from the sky every 45 seconds or so. They stand wherever they land and do AoE fire damage. If one lands near you, you need to move out of that ASAP. If the infernal lands right on top of you, you can use Cloak of Shadows or a Fire Protection potion to avoid the damage until you can find a new spot. Tell your tank if you are in an AoE zone so that he can move Prince somewhere safer.

Watch for Prince to cast Enfeeble. If you get hit with this spell you will see your health go to 1 HP. You have very little time to get away from Prince because he will do a Shadow Nova shortly afterward. Run out of his range. When you run, watch out for Infernals because you will die if you run into their AoE. Use Sprint if you need to. If Sprint is on cooldown and you are not getting out of the Shadow Nova zone in time you can use Cloak of Shadows to avoid the damage. If you have good reactions then you should not have to use either ability.

It stinks when you run from the Shadow Nova and right into an Infernal’s AoE. Keep aware of your surroundings, and pan your camera back so you can see a wide field of view. Have an escape route in mind. Don’t get tunnel vision.

If you are not enfeebled you can try and stay through the Shadow Nova. It does 3000 damage (minus shadow resistance) and has a knockback. You can use Cloak of Shadows to avoid it, but I recommend just running out even if you are not enfeebled.

When he gets to 60% health he enters phase 2. Infernals keep falling, and the Enfeebles and Shadow Novas continue as before. By this time there are more Infernals around, so its harder for you to run out safely during Shadow Novas. Also, Prince starts beating the heck out of your tank with two axes. Throw all your dps at him to try and blast through this phase quickly. The most important thing is to make sure you are behind him. If your attack is parried, Prince gets a faster attack on the tank. It will be hard enough for your healers to keep up without you giving Prince more attacks. If you are behind Prince you cannot be parried.

Watch your threat meter. Be prepared to Vanish if you are about to pull aggro from the tank.

Phase 2 ends when Prince is at 30% (and your tank lets out a sigh). Phase 3 changes completely. Infernals start dropping all over the place. Unless you are very lucky, it may be difficult to find a spot where you can stand without getting fire damage. Hopefully you have Cloak of Shadows and a Fire Protection or Super Healing potion available to you so that you can keep the dps on as much as possible. Your tank might have to move Prince around a bit, so you’ll have to watch your positioning. At least there are no more Enfeebles or Shadow Novas.

Phase 3 is hard on the healers, as damage is spread out over the raid. You will once again position yourself behind Prince and dps. Renew your Elixir of Demonslaying if it has expired. Prince’s axes will fly around on their own and attack (they cannot be killed). Shadow Word: Pain and Amplify Damage are cast on random players. Make sure to call out if you are taking damage – your healers probably haven’t had to pay much attention to you thus far in the fight. Remember to use your Evasion or Vanish if the axes start hitting you, and Cloak of Shadows gets rid of the Shadow Word: Pain. Blow the rest of your cooldowns and try to finish him off before you’re buried in Infernals.

When you are successful, you can hope for the big rogue prizes from this raid – Malchazeen and/or your T4 helm. The Ring of A Thousand Marks is a nice item, too. Malchazeen used to be the best PvE dagger available without doing any 25-man raiding, but patch 2.4 has introduce some new badge rewards that are better. Still, since you can get to Prince by going through only the required Kara bosses (Moroes, Opera, Curator, Chess) its probably easier to get this than to farm 105 Badges of Justice in heroic instances.

Note that my guild blew up shortly after we did Prince. I have not run this encounter over and over the way I have done on other Kara bosses. If I missed anything here, feel free to let me know.


3 Responses to “Rogue vs. Prince Malchezzar”

  1. April 2, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    That’s a pretty good summary. Personally, if I have cloak of shadows up for an enfeeble (they happen every 30 seconds so you can have it up half the time) I’ll always stay in unless I actually get enfeebled. You’re missing out on valuable dps otherwise!

    One thing I’d like to point out is that you mentioned he was bleedable because he “is a demon rather than undead.” In fact, since patch 2.4, undead are all bleedable too! This has made the first half of Karazhan much better for rogues, especially if you have a handy feral :>

  2. 2 Tumlan
    August 15, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    Nice guide, i agree with Chronic that you should stay and use CoS unless unfeebled. As a matter of fact i would recommend to stay and DPS even if you dont have CoS, just run in front of Prince to avoid getting knocked back and use a pot to heal most of the damage back. You can wait for a Prayer of mending thats almost certain to come if your priest doent forget to put it on the tank.

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