Good daily quest vs annoying daily quest

“Sanctum Wards” and “Erratic Behavior” are two of the new daily quests in Quel’Danas.  They were available immediately when the zone was opened, and are still available now that most (if not all) realms are in phase two.  And they are annoying for the same reason that the similar quests in Ogri’La are annoying, or farming motes at the Elemental Plateau is annoying.

As a rogue, my best bet is to be in stealth when I start combat.  Well, when stealthed I move slowly.  So as I creep toward a Wretched Fiend or Erratic Sentry, it is common for some warrior to charge right past me, or a hunter to send his pet, or a mage to blast it from 40 yards away.  I gave up using stealth, since these mobs are pushovers, but I still lose out to players with longer ranged attacks.  The place is so busy that it takes forever to kill my quota.  Same with the new phase two quest, “The Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory”.  These are annoying and will remain so until the area is not so overcamped.  Its not bad quest design

Contrast that to the new daily quest “Blast the Gateway” at the Throne of Kil’jaeden.  Since your Living Flare gets empowered by any Fel Spark death in the vicinity, there is a lot of cooperation.  It doesn’t matter who gets credit for the kill – the faster they die, the faster we all finish the quest.  So players often work together to burn them down quickly.  Much nicer.

P.S. – when I went to bed last night my server was at 6% on phase 2.  How does that compare to other servers?


2 Responses to “Good daily quest vs annoying daily quest”

  1. March 31, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Sheesh…Kul Tiras was only at about 30% of Phase 1 yesterday! And I checked some realm status page that (I think) Pike linked: The best any US server was doing was <60%. Unless I’m confused about which phase we’re in, but I may also not have been reading the site correctly. (Sorry I don’t have a link.)

  2. March 31, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    According to http://us.gorgonnash.info/ Kul’Tiras is currently in Phase 2 at 47%, which makes it the #61 US server. My server (Sen’Jin) is in phase 2 at 35%, placing it at #133.

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