Karazhan PuGs – easier than Heroics?

Lets talk about something other than the new patch content, shall we?

I am not really fond of PuGs. I’ve mentioned that before. I have only done one or two in my whole Warcraft life.

Since my guild is not currently running Karazhan, and I am in need of Badges of Justice, I have considered the idea of trying the LFG channel to get in on Kara PuGs.

Once upon a time, the idea of taking a pick-up group through Karazhan would have been impossible. I remember seeing a machinima written about that called “Can’t PuG KZ“. Back when the encounters in upper Kara were considered difficult, there would not be a way to coordinate a PuG raid through those fights.

But now there are many, many well-geared players out there looking to grab badges of justice for the new items. I haven’t tried it yet, but I suspect that I may be able to find good groups made up of experienced players. Or maybe I am completely off-base. I’ll let you know.

Also – I think that taking a PuG through Karazhan might be easier than taking a PuG through a heroic instance. With ten players its easier to carry one or two bad ones and overcome their mistakes. In a heroic instance even one bad player can ruin the run. And in a heroic instance your time and effort and repair bill will only net you 3-5 badges (unless its the daily heroic quest). In Kara, even if a bad PuG only gets through Attumen and Maiden you can get 3 badges.

Has anyone done PuGs of Karazhan?  I may try this weekend.  If I do, I’ll write about how it goes.


2 Responses to “Karazhan PuGs – easier than Heroics?”

  1. March 28, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    This “its easier to carry one or two bad ones and overcome their mistakes” is what made 40-man raiding so great. When TBC came out, we found out that a lot of our regular 40-man raid players weren’t really up to snuff of the more demanding instances and heroics. It was so easy for 25 decent people to make up for the deficiencies of 10 mediocre people and complete failures of 5 complete screw ups.

    My few PUG experiences with Karazhan haven’t been very rosy, but then again it was before the BoJs dropped.

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