Magister’s Terrace

I wasn’t on the PTR before the patch, so my first view of the new content came last night. Here are a few first impressions:

The two daily quests in the new zone are ridiculously easy, except that they are all overcamped at the moment. One asks you to kill mobs in the area who are level 68-69. They were extremely easy to kill. Normally when soloing I am sure to be in stealth and get an opener when I attack, but I didn’t even bother with these mobs. I suppose that if the area weren’t overpopulated it would be easy to pull two or three at once, and if you were a new 70 in blues and greens that might be a problem. But right now its cake.

The other one involves killing mechanicals that are walking around. They are listed as 70 elites, but they are also very easy. Even my wife on her full-resto druid had no trouble soloing them. So, while it is nice to have quick daily quests to do, I was actually a little disappointed with how easy they were.

After finishing those we got a group to go into Magister’s Terrace. On paper we were overgeared for this instance… all five are in Kara gear, and this is supposed to be on par with Shadow Lab or Shattered Halls. So we went in a little loose and tried to just overpower the place rather than use good technique. We did wipe several times as a result – the mobs are not pushovers with several 4 and 5-pulls. My dps was much lower than usual, which could either be from the mobs having high armor or from my confusion with my messy UI due to broken add-ons.

We only had a brief amount of time since it was a weeknight, so we intended to just go in and kill a few groups and peek around. However, we managed to get halfway through the place in a very short time. It seemed like a short instance.

We did the first few pulls, went around the corner, and there was the first boss! He is basically the same as the final boss in Steamvaults. He does a mana drain, increases in size, and siphons mana off of a nearby crystal. Interestingly, his siphoning is interruptible. Kick ftw! We ignored all of his special attacks, interrupted his siphon, destroyed the crystals, and burned him down.

Around the corner there is a room full of about 50 mana worms, and then the second boss! Like I said, it seems very quick. The second boss is basically a baby Curator. He does arcane damage and spawns little energy balls. The energy balls die fast so there is no need for concentrated focus fire like on Curator. When his health gets low he does chain lighting which hurts, so use cooldowns to finish him off quickly at the end.

The loot that dropped from those two bosses were level 70 blues, so if you’re already decked out in epics you won’t need any of it. The second boss does drop Latro’s Dancing Blade, which now makes a two-piece set with Latro’s Shifting Sword (drops in Black Morass) that gives +30 AP as a set bonus. Pre-Kara sword rogues might like that.

We expect to go back in this weekend and do the whole place. The third boss is a lot like Moroes, and the final boss is Kael’thas himself, in a toned down version of the final fight of Tempest Keep. I’m looking forward to that.


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