Rogue vs. Opera

The Opera Event is a required fight in Karazhan. When you start the event, one of three versions will begin – Wizard of Oz, Romulo and Juilanne, or Big Bad Wolf. You won’t know until you start it.

A rogue has a very useful purpose here before you even begin the fight. No one wants to start Opera without knowing which version it will be. When you get to the Opera room and clear the trash, go around the right side and find the stairs down under the stage. Everyone can wait there while you stealth ahead.

Go into stealth and go up the next stairs. Use Distract when necessary to get past the mobs. If you are seen you’ll be dead before you can Vanish. Go through the next room and turn right and you will see Barnes, the Stage Manager. You can safely come out of stealth when you are next to him. Talk to him and he will go out on stage to start the event.

At this time, re-stealth and go back under the stage with the rest of your group. You will hear Barnes announcing the start of the event, so you can tell which one it is. You will hear the bosses spawn, and your group may even take a couple of spell hits through the floor. But if no one is on the stage the event will despawn in a few seconds.

Now that you know which event it is, you can fight your way past the trash and your raid leader can explain and coordinate the boss fight. In all three fights, a rogue is generally just dps-ing without a whole lot else to worry about, except for an important interrupt during the Romulo and Julianne fight.

I – Romulo and Julianne

Romulo and JulianneAlas! Star-crossed lovers forever apart! This fight is about controlling and pacing your raid dps. Since you, as a rogue, are a leading dps-er, that means you need to listen to your raid leader for instructions on when to stop dps or switch targets.

You can find general raid strategy guides for the Romulo and Julianne fight here, here, and here.

Julianne spawns first. DPS away, but don’t get aggro. WATCH FOR HER HEAL, which is called “Eternal Affection.” Interrupt that every time. Its a big heal, so if she gets it off you’ll fall way behind and tax your healers’ mana pools. You don’t need to worry about interrupting her other spells. They can be dispelled by priests, or mages can spellsteal them. The important thing is that your Kick is not on cooldown when she tries to heal. If she DoTs you, Cloak of Shadows out of it.

Julianne dies. Romulo spawns. Let the tank pick him up, then DPS on him. He hits hard. If you get aggro you’re dead, so be careful. Stay behind him, because he does a cleave (Deadly Swathe). But he also does an attack directed at anyone behind him (Backward Lunge). It does knock back but should not kill you. You can’t interrupt his buffs and abilities, so just burn him down.

Romulo dies, and they both respawn where they fell. Here’s where those interrupts are vital. Your raid will be splitting up to fight both mobs. Rogues will be on Julianne to continue to interrupt her heals. The raid leader will be trying to manage and pace dps, because they must die within 10-15 seconds of each other, or they will respawn again. If Julianne gets a heal off it makes it hard to manage, so don’t miss it.

My guild gets both mobs down below 30%. When they are both close to that figure, all DPS goes on Julianne until she dies, and then immediately focuses on Romulo to get him down in the next 10 seconds.

It has never dropped for me, but the Blade of the Unrequited is a nice off-hand if you haven’t already gotten a better one with badge rewards. Also, Romulo’s Poison Vial is a great dps trinket.

II – Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OzThis is a fun event that seems like total chaos from the start. A mage for Strawman and a warlock for Roar makes this fight easier. A rogue has no specific jobs in this fight other than dps in the designated kill order.

General strategies, including why a mage and warlock make this cake, are found here and here.

When the curtain goes up you will see four of the six mobs you are about to fight. They are immobile and “come to life” on a staggered timer.

Dorothee releases first, which is fine because you want to kill her first. She has no threat table. She just wanders and spins around firing water bolts at everyone. The bolts can’t be interrupted. DPS your heart out on her since she has no aggro. Sometimes its hard to stay behind her since she turns around quite a lot. Hopefully, the rest of the raid is doing their job controlling the other mobs, and an off-tank picked up Tito when he was summoned.

By the time she goes down you’ll want to take out either Roar or Tito. We usually take Tito at this point. Tank and spank on him. Don’t get aggro. Watch your threat meter whenever you switch targets. Once Tito is down, your team will turn to Roar. He does an AoE fear but he should go down quickly once you are focused on him.

From Tito you burn down Stawman, then Tinhead (stay behind him). Then Crone will spawn. DPS on her, avoid the tornado if you can. She is easy compared to what you just went through.

If you draw this event, feel good for your fellow raid members as they will have a chance to get some good items. Unfortunately, no rogue items drop from this event.

III – Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad WolfBelieve it or not, my raid has never drawn this fight. I have studied up on it because I was always sure that “this week would be the week for BBW.” But it never happened.

Still, its reputed to be an easy fight. General raid guides are here and here.

The wolf gets tanked. He does periodic fears to those in melee range, which is annoying. Every so often he turns someone into Little Red Riding Hood and he chases them. In Riding Hood form you’ll get one-shot if the wolf hits you, so the goal is to run in a big circle (square, actually) around the perimeter of the stage with the wolf following you until the debuff wears off.

Unfortunately, as a melee class you will be right next to him if you get turned into Riding Hood. Note that if you get turned into Riding Hood you can Vanish. If the wolf does not see through your stealth then you will be safe, but do not come out of stealth until the debuff wears off. Keep a finger on your Vanish button for a fast reaction.

The only other rogue advice I would offer is to NOT use sprint if you are Riding Hood and your Vanish is on cooldown. If you get too far ahead of the wolf he will cut the corner and catch you.

Fist spec rogues rejoice! A fist weapon drops here, Big Bad Wolf’s Paw. Also, if there are no hunters who want it, the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle is a nice piece of dps gear.


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