In the Zone

Slam DunkYou often hear sports figures refer to being “in the zone.” A basketball player will make every shot that he takes, no matter how difficult. A baseball player makes solid contact on every swing. A golfer sinks his putts effortlessly. Can this translate into the mouse-and-keyboard world of Warcraft?

Last night, on a whim, we went into Karazhan just to remind ourselves what it was like. (you might remember that our guild blew up in January and we have not raided since then) We had eight of us and two former guildies that agreed to come along to round out the group. We only had time for Attumen and Moroes, but still it was nice to do 10-man raiding again (and get three quick Badges of Justice).

Since December, there has been a BM hunter in our guild who has consistently out-damaged me. Now, I’m not an obsessive damage meter reader, but since my only contribution to the Attumen and Moroes fights is dps, I feel like I have to do well or I am not pulling my weight. So it bugs me that this hunter can out-damage me.

But not last night. I was in the zone.

It seemed like energy was endless and the Mongoose procs were flowing like water. I never found myself mashing buttons waiting on energy or cooldowns. If I needed an ability, there it was.

Got a series of Backstab crits… about to grab aggro from the tank. Is Vanish on cooldown? No, its not. *pop* /Ambush and continue dps.

Uh oh – bad pull going to Attumen… got the patrol and a horse is going for the healers. Can I Evasion-tank the undead horse until a tank can taunt it off of me? You bet I can.

Group pulls before Moroes… is my Blade Flurry on cooldown? No its not. Not for any of the groups.

Moroes fight… CC breaks on one of the adds. Can I keep it stunlocked until it can be re-shackled, without getting a poison DoT on it? Yep.

And I even remembered to use my Adrenaline Rush, which has been a problem for me since respeccing to Combat after two year of Assassination specs.

I stayed around 600 dps with no pally buffs (or elixirs or flasks, for that matter), which is nothing for you T5+ rogues but is good for our guild. According to Recount I did over 20% of the raid’s damage (well above that BM hunter), never got aggro, rarely even got hit at all, and saved a couple of healers.

<<<<<In the zone>>>>>

Have you ever felt “in the zone” in the game?


2 Responses to “In the Zone”

  1. 1 David
    March 11, 2008 at 10:36 am

    The consistant way, of course, to pass the BM hunter in dps is drop the daggers and go swords/fists for real dps. 🙂

  2. March 11, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    I just can’t do it. In my mind, daggers = rogue. I’ve read too much genre literature to break from that notion. In fact, it was a huge decision to switch to combat in the first place, since I felt that the Assassination and Subtlety trees were more rogue-ish. I was subtlety/assassination from levels 10-60, and mutilate from 60-70 and into Karazhan.

    Maybe I needed to be on an RP server, where things like that matter.

    Besides, analysis I’ve seen online seems to indicate that the difference between daggers and swords is largely situational and the differences are often overstated by fans of one build vs another.

    If I happen to get a couple of nice sword drops I may give it a try.

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