Alt report: Into Outland we go

This weekend was a frantic race to get our alts to 58 so that we could join the gang in Outland. Our guild has a slew of alts in the 60-65 range who are running instances together and we want to join the party.

Also, my brother and sister-in-law have been leveling their alts also and they finally caught and passed us. So there is a little unofficial competition going.

Friday evening was spent in EPL and Winterspring at level 56. We finished a whole bunch of quick quests there and got to 57 rapidly, but used up our remaining rested bonus. Saturday afternoon brought us to Silithus. We had fun killing Deathclasp (59 elite scorpion) when we were both 57. That was probably the most challenging thing we have done as a duo so far. In the middle of grinding in Silithus we got pulled into a BRD run. It was very informal – no one had any of the quests or the Shadowforge Key, so we just ran around and killed whatever bosses we could get to. The XP from that run got us near level 58.

On Sunday we did a lot of grinding on Twilight Cultists and Silithus wildlife for quest drops, turned in five quests at once and finally hit 58. Off to Outland!

I had bought a few BC green items cheap on the AH for when I dinged 58, so immediately half my gear went from item level 45 to item level 81 or so. Got to the Dark Portal, went to Honor Hold and started questing.

I remembered that the Outland quests had boosted the gold reward, but I forgot how much XP they gave. Pre-BC quests typically gave 5000-6000 XP, but the first few quests in Outland gave 9000+! So we ran through a bunch of them and managed to hit 59 by the end of the night.   Success!

Passed my brother, caught up to my sister-in-law.  Yes!

I’m looking forward to trying my pally tank in Ramparts.  That will be the first tanking I do where I am not in an overpowered group.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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