Removing Kara Attunements

Welcome matSo the word is that Karazhan attunements are being removed. I’m actually saddened by this.

Its not that I am some elitist hardcore raider that wants to restrict content to some select few. I just like running those particular instances. I always volunteered to help when a guildie needed a run get a key frag. Shadow Lab has two of my favorite boss fights in it, and Black Morass is just… different, so its fun.

The last time I ran Shadow Lab was to help someone get a key frag. In fact, the last 6-8 times I ran SL were key frag runs. Ditto for Black Morass and Arcatraz. Once the attunement is removed, chances are that I will never go there again. /sad

Sure, I could just PuG them if I am really feeling nostalgic. But its rare for anyone to run an instance with no goals and no reason to be there. There is no sense of satisfaction unless there is some gain, whether it is loot, rep, or another step toward a friend’s attunement. Running them just to have fun is fine until the PuG wipes result in a not-so-nostalgic feeling repair bill.

If the Kara attunement were really tedious, I’m sure I’d be saying “thank goodness I don’t have to run those places anymore.” But they are not tedious, IMO. And I do see the reasons behind the move by Blizzard. But if groups can get in without everyone having the Master’s Key, then there will be a lot fewer BM and SL runs.

I guess it’s just one step closer to the expansion, when all of the current instances will be abandoned for level 70-80 content.


1 Response to “Removing Kara Attunements”

  1. March 9, 2008 at 11:57 am

    I have to agree as well for a few reasons. Karazhan keying was fun and players had a really good chance at getting some good upgrades. I also think it’s a good indication that either you have a good guild to support you or are adept at finding PUGs.

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