Rogue vs. Curator

The CuratorIn the Rogue vs. Maiden of Virtue post I indicated that some fights were rough on melee classes. Curator is in that category as well. Curator is a fight where everyone will take some damage, but melee classes will take enough that they need a healer. One healer in the group must be dedicated to keeping melee dps alive.

You can find guides for Curator strategies here, here, and here.

Curator is not a complicated fight, but it is a gear check. Your raid needs two things in this fight (1) sustained damage greater than 1200 dps total, and (2) mana efficiency, since the fight will last several minutes. If your raid group has the gear for those two things, this fight will be a piece of cake.

Your job as a rogue will be to help take down the Astral Flares as they spawn. Curator spawns a Flare once every 10 seconds. Astral Flares have 12,000 health, and they must be killed in 10 seconds or less. If you have two Flares out at once, your raid is in trouble, because the healers will have a hard time keeping up.

Mutilate rogues in particular and dagger rogues in general are gimped in this fight. The Astral Flares don’t have an obvious front or back, and you don’t have time to try and maneuver around them anyway. So there will be no Backstabs, no Ruptures, no Mutilates, and no Ambushes. Its all Sinister Strikes, Shivs, and Eviscerates. Sword rogues will therefore do better in this fight with no positional requirements.

The trouble is that the Flares do damage to anyone in their vicinity. That means YOU, intrepid melee fighter. It is Arcane damage, so Potions of Arcane Protection are helpful. Their Arcing Sear does chain to up to three players, but its damage does not increase with each jump the way that chain lightning does. Some guides warn against getting bunched up, but as a rogue you have to be right next to the Flare no matter what.

There is no point in using Deadly Poison in this fight since it won’t have time to tick for all of its damage. Put Instant Poison on both weapons. Yes, the Flares take poison damage. However, they cannot be stunned. Also, since each foe is only alive for 10 seconds or less you won’t have time to use a regular attack rotation. Get as many combo points as you can quickly and Eviscerate for maximum burst damage.

The fight begins. A Flare spawns. Pop an Arcane Protection potion and go to town. Run right at the flares – don’t wait for them to come to you. They have random aggro and could go anywhere. You won’t have to look at your threat meter at all.  Start hitting them ASAP. Have SnD up even at 1 combo point, just to get it going. If the Flare gets by you and starts going for a player at range, pop Sprint to catch up to it. You don’t want to lose any dps time. Hold onto your big cooldown abilities for now (Cold Blood, Adrenaline Rush, etc…). Remember to use any trinkets, drums, and other “on use” items to speed things up.

As you kill each Flare, run back toward Curator to be in position for the next one. If you find that you are falling behind and you are risking having two Flares out at once, blow your cooldowns, Heroism potions, and whatever else you have around to do max burst damage and catch up.

As the 10th Flare spawns, the Curator goes into Evocation to get his mana back. During this time he takes 200% damage. DPS turns on Curator, but someone still has to kill the last Flare. Discuss with the raid leader in advance who is responsible for taking out the last flare. It will take at least 2 or 3 players. If you are on that job, pop all the rest of your cooldowns to get it down fast. If possible, get as much damage in on Curator as you can before his evocation ends.

Then the cycle repeats itself. Flares every 10 seconds, etc…

When Curator gets to 15% health he stops summoning Flares and he Enrages. At that point, its all-out dps on the big guy and down he goes.

Then pray that he drops your T4 glove token, or Garona’s Signet Ring.

You won’t be at the top of the damage meter in this fight, so don’t sweat it. Hunters and mages can dps without having to chase the Flares around. But this is ultimately a warlock’s fight. If a ‘lock times their Curse of Doom right it will hit Curator during his evocation for around 18,000 damage. However, it is still fun to see those big crit numbers if you can get on Curator during his evocation.


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