Rogue vs. Maiden of Virtue

MaidenThe Maiden fight is a rough one for a rogue. In fact, when we were first doing Karazhan and we were a little undergeared, I used to volunteer to switch out for this fight and let a hunter in my place. Ranged dps is superior to melee in the Maiden encounter. Now that we outgear the encounter I stay in, but it is rare for me to be near the top of the damage meter.

General strategies for the fight including positioning and the usefulness of paladins can be found here, here, and here.

For rogues, Maiden drops the Bracers of Maliciousness and two Badges of Justice, but much of her best loot is for healers.

Maiden does a continuous Consecrate. Anyone who gets close to her is going to take ticks of Holy damage. Unfortunately, the healers are busy keeping the tank up in this fight through the Repentance stuns, so the dps is generally on their own as far as healing goes. Bring pots and bandages. Of course, if you get the Holy Fire DoT then you will be healed. I’m talking about general moment-to-moment damage from Consecrate.

The good news: Maiden is not undead, so she can be Ruptured!

Here’s the way I do this fight if I know I am not going to get much healing. The tank runs in and positions her and gets some threat. I wait a few seconds, then pop a Major Holy Protection potion. That lasts me for through the first barrage. I run in, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang for 5 combo points. Then Rupture and run out. Shiv is your best bet for fast combo point generation there.  It takes less energy that Sinister Strike and Backstab so you can get them off faster.

If I took any damage I bandage up while Rupture and Deadly Poison tick away.

For my next barrage I run in and pop Cloak of Shadows. That will protect me from a few of the Consecrate ticks. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, rupture, run out. Again, shiv is your best option to get those combo points.

I might used my ranged weapon to do some minimal damage while I wait for my bandage cooldown.

After that I’m going to have to take damage in order to attack. Run in, get a couple of combo points, rupture with whatever I can get, then run out and heal. I don’t want to let myself get too low on health because when she does her Repentance it does damage before it stuns.

If I play it safe and run out when I still have 50% health, then I’m going to stay alive without much problem. The only thing likely to kill me is the Holy Fire. If Cloak of Shadows is up then I can get rid of it. If I used Cloak to avoid Consecrate damage and its on cooldown, I’ll have to hope that one of the dispellers gets me in time.

Hunters, mages, and warlocks can easily outdamage me in this fight. They never get Consecrate damage, so they never have to stop their dps to run in or out. I think I’ve been on top of the damage meter one time. Still, the longer I keep rupture going, the more damage I do and the faster she dies.

Have fun!


2 Responses to “Rogue vs. Maiden of Virtue”

  1. August 20, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    If available, Dampen Magic helps rogues a lot with Maiden 🙂

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