Guild update – how do you recruit?

ExplosionAnyone who has read my earlier posts may know that my guild blew up about a month ago. I haven’t mentioned anything since then. Here’s an update. Those who have found themselves in similar situations might commiserate.

A large raiding guild (not going to use their name) made off with a whole bunch of our guild members. We currently have seven of our Kara team remaining – all wearing full Kara and Badge gear. But we don’t have enough to make a team. None of us are really fond of PuGs. So we haven’t run Kara in about a month.

Even worse – I haven’t run any instance in about a month. The players who are left are generally spending time leveling alts right now (me too, actually). We have a couple of good tanks, but only one level 70 healer, so were are limited in our ability to run anything.

Our main tank is actually running Karazhan weekly with the “other guild” where our defectors went. He swears that he is not going to leave my guild (The Dragons) but he really wants to raid so he goes with them. He feels like its no big deal since we are not able to run Kara right now.

So things seem pretty grim.

Here’s the positive side – there is a 70 ret pally in our guild who has never raided at any level, but has offered to respec holy to heal and raid with us. She has never healed anything, so there will be a steep learning curve. But its something to look forward to.

Now we just need to add a couple more people – another healer or two and maybe another dps. Then we can jump back into Kara. Most of us are so well geared that we can easily pull the new players through and get them gear so that we can maybe move on to ZA before the expansion.

Here’s my question – How do you recruit? I’ve never had to recruit players before. Do you spam recruiting messages in the Trade channel? Do you use your server’s online forums? Do you send whispers to unguilded players? What is the best way to attract quality players?

Incidentally, if anyone has a level 70 toon on the Sen’Jin server, we have an opening for you!


2 Responses to “Guild update – how do you recruit?”

  1. 1 Jon
    March 5, 2008 at 9:26 am

    Hi there. My previous guild consisted of mostly close friends and coworkers. A few of us reached endgame but didn’t have the numbers to get into the raid content.

    We ended up merging with another small guild which benefited us both greatly. The other guild leader was very good about establishing an inviting environment for all our current members including making me a co guild leader and extending officer positions to my higher ranks.

    Since then we’ve also had another guild leech some of our members. In our situation it was a more social/casual/leveling guild that took some of our players that weren’t really into raiding or the requirements that were implemented to enable it. We also ended up dropping some players that weren’t willing to put any effort into the guild but would show up for raid nights.

    As a result, we’ve had to put effort into recruiting additional players. In my opinion, the best way to pick up additional members is to PUG instances. Not only will you get a good idea of someone’s ability and play-style, you will also have established at least somewhat of a relationship. After a successful run I’ll usually send a tell to any PUGs asking what their current guild situation is.

    I’ve also found that WoW’s realm forums can be a good place to pick up recruits. This is really hit or miss though as the WoW forums can be a veritable cesspool of trolls and griefers.

  2. March 5, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Good suggestions. I think that one or two of our guild officers are going to start running in PuGs to look for prospective guildies.

    I’m hesitant to use the realm forums, due to the aforementioned trolls. I read another post by a guild looking for Kara raiders and the thread became a torrent of insults by “hardcores” poking fun at those who are not yet in endgame. (not that my server is a hotbed of endgame guilds – we have a total of two guilds who have downed Illidan)

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