Prot pally + mage = win

First, let me say that nothing is more fun than when I played my rogue the first time through WoW. That said, I am having fun right now.

TankRight now my tankadin alt is level 55. My wife is playing her frost mage alt at the same level. We are blasting through pre-BC quests at an amazing rate.

You know all those quests where you have to “kill 10 of this” or “collect 20 of that”? When playing solo as a rogue they were tedious. Even when playing with my wife (resto druid) they took forever. Now I look forward to them.

Take the Searing Gorge quests, for example. We have to kill lots of Dark Iron dwarves, War Golems, and spiders. So, Derence (prot pally) runs into the middle of a whole camp of them, picking up a Heavy War Golem or two on the way. When there are 4-5 around him, I Consecrate to get a good threat lead. If they are not hitting too hard I put up a Seal of Wisdom to keep my mana flowing. I have Blessing of Sanctuary and Retribution aura up to generate threat on all mobs at once.  Then my wife starts dropping her mage AoE goodness on the whole bunch. If any mobs start wandering toward her (slowly due to frost effects), I taunt it back and Consecrate again. Before you know it I’m surrounded by a ring of dead dwarves, golems, spiders, and whatever else happened to wander by.

All that’s left then is to loot the bodies and turn in the quests.

We went into the Slag Pit to kill incendosaurs. Someone else was there and asked to join us, so we invited him to our group. In about 5 minutes we had killed all 20 incendosaurs with a total of maybe 5 pulls. This guy was amazed that it could be done so easily. He wanted to hang with us and kill other stuff just to rifle through the quests at lightning speed.

While playing a rogue solo was (IMO) much more fun than playing a paladin, I can definitely say that questing with a paladin-mage combo is easy mode.


2 Responses to “Prot pally + mage = win”

  1. 1 Jon
    March 5, 2008 at 9:31 am

    Looks like you’ve discovered the awesomeness that is pally aoe grinding. It definitely helps having a caster with you to help w/ the dps.

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