Rogue vs. Moroes

MoroesThe Moroes fight is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. You can find general strategies and discussions about group makeup, tanking, CC, and the roles of other classes here here and here.

This is the fight that rogues look forward to when they go into Karazhan. Moroes drops the Emerald Ripper which is a great main hand dagger. He also drops the Edgewalker Longboots which are among the best pre-BT feet items. In addition, he drops the recipe for the Mongoose enchant.

In the start of the fight, the tanks will handle Moroes himself. The rogue will be helping to burn down adds. Burst damage and interrupts are the words of the day here. The faster the adds go down, the earlier you can focus dps on Moroes himself and stop the Garrotes.

Moroes will have four allies standing near him. Most groups will choose to burn down two or three of them before focusing on Moroes. The four allies are random from six possibilities – a shadow priest (Milstipe), a holy priest (Von’Linda), a holy paladin (Berrybuck), a retribution paladin (Drueger), a protection warrior (Ference) and a mortal strike warrior (Daris). The four that you get will determine the kill order, but in general you take out the squishies first and try to keep the warriors CC’ed until the end of the fight.

Early in the fight your group’s CC will be stretched to the max, with hunters, priests, and paladins all taking part. If you are short of CC, a rogue can easily evasion tank either of the priests, with maybe a single HoT from a healer to help keep you up.

Besides evasion tanking, if necessary, and mega-dps, your Kick and stuns are priceless here. The shadow priest has a massive mana burn. The rogue should interrupt that at all costs.

When my guild does this encounter, we usually let a hunter pet tank the shadow priest. We take her down fast, with rogues dpsing and interrupting. Then we move to the holy priest (if she is there) or holy paladin. Repeat. A rogue’s task is simple – do lots of damage, evasion tank if needed, and interrupt to stop shadow burns, heals, and cleanses.

After two of the adds are down, we turn to Moroes. Some guild wait until three adds are down. In either case, by this time, the tank has a huge head start in threat, so don’t hold anything back. You are now in a race of garrote damage vs healer’s mana. Every 30 seconds Moroes will garrote a party member with a 1000 damage per tick DoT. The longer the fight goes on, the more players have the DoT, and the harder it is for the healers to keep up. When Moroes dies the DoTs go away, so go all-out from the get-go. As most mobs in Karazhan, Moroes is immune to bleed effects, so use SnD as your main finisher.  Edit: Since patch 2.4 undead mobs are susceptible to bleed effects.

Watch the threat meter – when you are catching up to the tank’s threat you should Vanish and re-engage. With focused damage Moroes goes down pretty quick.

After he dies, you can either take out the remaining adds for rep, or you can run out of the room and they will reset. Enjoy your loot!


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