My tankadin alt

Since our guild exodus has left us with fewer raiders, I’ve had little to do on my main lately, which has given me time to work on my alt.

I’m not a big alt person. My rogue main has over 85 days of /played time. My few attempts at alts had a combined 5 days /played, I think. I tried a mage once. At first it was exciting to kill mobs before they even reached me. That was fun for a while, but then it got boring and I gave up on that toon. I decided later to try a class that was underrepresented to find out why no one plays it. I was torn between a boomkin and a ret pally. Since you can’t get the moonkin form until at least level 50, I decided to go with a ret pally. That lasted a little while. I felt kind of like I was playing a rogue with a little more armor but about half the dps. I was probably playing it wrong, but I ended up putting that one aside, too.

When my play schedule recently opened up, I started on my pally again, but switched him to full prot. What a blast! So my dps is low. Who cares? Nothing can kill me! I can outlast just about anything up to 4 or even 5 levels above me, or a whole group of mobs at my level.  On my rogue, I used to swear if I accidentally aggroed 2 or 3 mobs at once.  On the pally that’s just efficient grinding!

After reaching my mid-40’s I finally tried tanking an instance. We went into ZF. I let the mage sheep things and the hunter trap stuff just because they were bored, but we never really needed it. I would just run into the pack of trolls, Consecrate, Seal, Judge, rinse and repeat and hold the whole bunch, while watching my mana bar actually increase over the course of the combat. Great fun.

So, while my rogue is in a holding pattern, I’m trying to powerlevel my pally to 70 to see if I can get him into some raiding before the expansion hits. Thanks to all of the paladin bloggers out there for some great information. I’ve started reading Blessing of Kings, Ardent Defender, Honor’s Code, and Banana Shoulders. I’m sure I’ll find more soon. I also got great information from Maintankadin.

Note: despite my paladin adventures, this is still going to be a generally rogue-themed blog.  I’d hate to have to change my color scheme.  Did you notice that most rogue blogs have a black background and most pally blogs have a white or light background?


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