What to get? Dirge vs. Searing Sunblade

DinaerSo here I am, newly respecced to Combat Daggers. I’ve got my Emerald Ripper in my main hand (thank you Mr. Moroes) and a Guile of Khoraazi in my off hand (thank you, folks at the Consortium).

It seems that the primary way to improve dps in combat daggers is to get a fast off hand weapon. With more off-hand hits, you get more Combat Potency procs. With enough of that, you get lots of energy for more backstabs and their sweet, sweet 60%+ crit rate.

Guile of Khoraazi is a 1.6 speed, which is OK. But there are upgrades out there. I don’t do PvP, so the three really fast daggers easily available at level 70 without raiding are Warp Splinter’s Thorn, Dirge, and Searing Sunblade. These three appeal to all types –

  • Warp Splinter’s Thorn is an instance drop from the final boss in regular Botanica. Botanica is a fun instance, and I think Warp Splinter is one of the easier final boss fights.
  • Dirge is crafted, and it doesn’t come cheap. You’ll need to find a Blacksmith with the pattern (random world drop) and two Primal Nethers (!), and then you’ll have to farm/buy 10 Felsteel Bars and 8 Primal Mights. That’s a lot of farming.
  • Searing Sunblade is purchased with 50 Badges of Justice, which drop from bosses in heroic instances and Karazhan.

Obviously, Thorn is the easiest to get of these three. Dirge is the most expensive, and Sunblade is probably the longest grind if you are not clearing Karazhan.

(Note: I am not including PvP rewards here because I don’t PvP myself. The Gladiator’s Shiv and Merciless Gladiator’s Shiv are comparable to, if not slightly better than the Searing Sunblade. Since I don’t PvP, I can’t comment on how difficult it is to obtain those items.)

Lets compare these three items:

  Speed dps AGI AP hit crit stam
Warp Splinter’s Thorn 1.3 71.5 16   15   13
Dirge 1.4 83.6   40   20  
Searing Sunblade 1.3 85.4 24       22

These are the gear comparisons that people hate to do, since the three items have completely different stats so its hard to see exactly how your damage output will compare with crit vs hit vs AP. That’s exactly why the AEP system was created. The best AEP database is at Shadowpanther‘s site.

Its pretty clear that the Searing Sunblade is better than Warp Splinter’s Thorn. They are both 1.3 speed, but the Sunblade does higher dps and has more AGI and Stam. That more than makes up for the 15 hit rating from Thorn.

So lets compare the Sunblade to Dirge. I’m going to use Shadowpanther’s MAEP point equivalents, which is just for raid dps. It neglects stamina and emphasizes stats that directly impact damage. Lets compare these two items:

Dirge 325 324
Searing Sunblade 338 325

Sooo… close.

I also plugged all three of these into the Rogue DPS Spreadsheet from the EJ forums. With my combat dagger spec, Searing Sunblade was the clear winner in dps. Equipping Dirge on the gear page increased my dps by 18.2 over my current off-hand (Guile). Equipping the Sunblade upped my dps by 25.2.

Warp Splinter is a great option of the new level 70 combat rogue, since Botanica is a fun instance and the Thorn drops fairly often (11%).

The Sunblade and Dirge are very comparable. For raiders, the 50 Badges are easier to get than the mats for Dirge. Dirge is a good choice for the solo player who cannot get into heroics and raids, but has time to farm primals. and the money to buy the felsteel and the primal nether.

Searing Sunblade is, by all measures, the best PvE pre-BT offhand dagger for combat dagger rogues. That’s #1 on my to-get list with my Badge collection.  I should have it by next week, I hope.


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