Shared Topic – How did you come up with your Character Name?

The folks over at Blog Azeroth suggested this as a shared topic for the WoW blogging community. So I’ll bite…

When I started WoW in early 2006, I was an experienced roleplaying gamer, but a complete noob to online gaming. I had no idea that I would encounter players in the game with such insightful names as “StabbzU” and “MegaPwner.” In my ignorance, I was expecting a little more “RP” in my “MMORPG.” Maybe I should have rolled on an RP server.

I had decided to roll a Night Elf, so I got it in my head that I needed a cool elf-sounding name. I did some online searches and found a site with a lot of Elvish phrases (presumably from the LotR elvish language). The word “Dinaer” means “Silent one” which seemed suitable for a rogue.

Incidentally, the site is at http://www.grey-company.org/Circle/language/phrase.htm

To this day, most people pronounce the name like “dinner” which leads to lots of jokes and double meanings. I probably should have thought of that when I picked the name.

All of my toons after that were named using the random name generator built into the game. If I am going to do runs with luminaries such as “Goofball,” “Madskillz,” “TwinkedUp,” and 1,000 variations of “Legolas” then my name really isn’t that important.  As long as I remember it, and the people I run with recognize it, then it serves its purpose.


3 Responses to “Shared Topic – How did you come up with your Character Name?”

  1. 1 Kemnjenue
    November 19, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Hello. It is test.

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