Noob mistakes

The blog is entitled “Forever a Noob” because I always feel there is more to learn. No matter how much reading and research I do, all it takes is one other player to say, “why aren’t you doing it this way?” or one web site to point out what should have been obvious.


One of my classics can only be appreciated by other rogues.

I leveled from 1-60 mostly in a subtlety spec. I didn’t PvP, but I enjoyed the Sub talents. Especially useful was the Improved Sap that let you stay in stealth when you sapped your target. Sap was changed back in patch 2.1 so that all rogues stayed in stealth when sapping, but then they replaced Imp Sap with Dirty Tricks, which gave extended range to sap. It seems like you can sap from across the room with that talent!

As I leveled with my family my sap was our main form of CC in instances. With the BC expansion came Mutilate, and I switched over to that for the much improved dps, losing Dirty Tricks in the process.

Suddenly, my sap seemed useless. Mobs would see through my stealth regularly. It got so bad that we almost completely stopped marking mobs for sap in instance pulls. It stayed this was from level 62-68. It made me feel kind of useless in instances, really. Hunters are trapping, mages are sheeping, and I’m just stabbing things.

One day I decide to completely reformat my UI. I’m going through my spellbook and I stumble up on Distract. I never even had that ability on my toolbar through level 68. All of a sudden, my noob alarm goes off! What an idiot I was!

Now I’m all sap-happy again, although a little embarrassed that it took so long for me to figure that out.


2 Responses to “Noob mistakes”

  1. 1 Birkin
    February 14, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    I remember right after BC came out and we all starting to hit lv70, we were running Steamvaults for our Karazhan key fragment. Well that’s the piece that’s under water, and we just so happened to have a warlock in the group. (See where this is going yet?) I asked him to toss up Underwater Breathing on everyone. His response was, “It’s a racial spell that gives me 300% duration under water.” I told him yeah, that’s great that you’re Undead, but can you cast Underwater Breathing on all the non-undead in the group? By his silence, we all figured out that he had no clue that he had that spell in his spellbook. The amount of laughter and poking fun on vent after that was too much to describe. A year later and we still tease our top DPS lock about that day. I’ll never forget it.

  2. 2 Aellkynne
    February 17, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    He’s not the only one with that scenario….We were running Kara for weeks when my husband (the Noob himself) asks me how often I use my Nature’s swiftness and Swiftmend spells to make my heals as instants…I simply stared at him blankly….I mean, I am a lvl 70 resto Druid, in Kara, and it never even occured to me that those would be useful. I felt profoundly stupid after that…I even had them on my action bars!! However, now I can keep the ‘Lock alive during AOEs. =) SO I suppose I can take a little ribbing from him and my family…

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