The Problem – Players With Alts that are 70

This will be my last post about my guild drama. The blog is turning into a whine-fest rather than a WoW blog. Its getting to the point that I don’t know why anyone would read it.

Actually this is different. My previous posts about the guild problems were kind of melancholy. Now I’m just plain angry.

In my last post I cheered our guild for getting a couple of new players in Karazhan and cobbling together a successful run. The new guys even got their fist epic drops on that run. How is this for gratitude – they left two days later.

Even worse… as it turns out, almost every raider that has left my guild has gone to this one other large raiding guild. That guild has the husband of the first person to leave (drama queen). Obviously, after she left to join her hubby’s guild, she has been whispering to those who stayed and convincing them to follow her.

A common thread – every person who left had more than one toon at level 70 and keyed for Kara. Every one. That must be her “recruiting” pitch. In my small guild, there isn’t room for a person to raid with many alts, and sometimes there is pressure to play one particular toon due to group makeup. In a big guild, they can raid with all of their alts and switch them in and out freely. Its a good sales pitch. Too bad I didn’t see it coming.

This is a problem. Lets say Frodo is in a guild and level 70. Frodo starts playing an alt during down time, and before he knows it his alt is level 70 too. Frodo has fun with his alt. Should he expect that the alt is going to be worked into Kara raids, just because he’s level 70 and keyed? That seems to be the common expectation. And it creates difficult situations for raid leaders and guild masters.

In most cases,the main character has much better gear and will improve the chances of raid success, while the alt is undergeared and will need to be helped along. Once Kara is on farm, it doesn’t really matter, but when the guild is still trying to get past Prince does it make sense to rotate in undergeared alts?

I’d like to think that I should have seen this coming, and made some kind of guild policy regarding alts. But for the life of me I can’t think of what that policy would be. Anything that restricts the participation of alts would eventually end up in players leaving the guild, and that’s what happened anyway. So how do guilds deal with this?

Final note:  I like to be a positive kind of guy.  I’m not going to beg people to stay in the guild.  I’ll let the chips fall, and see what pieces we have left.  Then we’ll start rebuilding from there.  Now that I know the fights in Kara very well, once I have a team I’ll be able to get them up to speed quickly.  Will I ever see Gruul’s Lair?  Probably not.  But I can still have fun, I hope.  Otherwise, what’s the point?


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