Last week I posted and referred to the guild drama that left us foundering and somewhat aimless.  The worst part is that our Kara team is now short of people.  In addition to the guild departures, we also have one person with a new baby and another with RL issues.  Instead of having a waiting list every week to raid, we now have trouble getting ten of us together.  Without Kara runs and the associated progression and loot, I worry that what is left of our guild will look for greener pastures elsewhere.

So this Friday we tried to organize a Kara run.  We could only muster eight people.  So we went in and took out Attumen.  It was a nice run because one of our players was a first-timer.   So he got his first taste of Karazhan.  I hope we didn’t make it look too easy, eight-manning it with only two healers.

On Saturday we tried again.  We had only seven online this time.  So I whispered a guildie who had never shown any interest in raiding and asked if he was attuned for Kara.  Not only was his mage Kara-keyed, but he also had a holy pally in another guild that was attuned and not saved to Kara.  Surprise! We started in on ballroom pulls with eight of us…

Soon thereafter, another guildie logged in and joined the group with his boomkin.  Then a friend of a friend volunteered his Kara-geared priest.  So then we had ten.  With all the time spent on summons and rebuffing, we backed out, let the trash respawn, and went back in.  We let our other holy pally switch to his enhance shaman for the trash pulls since we didn’t need all the healing.

An aside – I don’t often invite people from other guilds onto our runs.  I guess I am hesitant since we are inexperienced raiders, and we often make mistakes.  Sometimes it works out, and the “guest” will offer suggestions and advice.  Other times we will wipe and the “guest” will say “Lrn to play nubs” and quit the group.  I try to avoid those situations if possible.
This time it went very well.  We cleared to Maiden and took her down.  We went back to Moroes and killed him without losing a single player.  Then, happy with our success, went to Opera and got the Wizard of Oz event, and took that out too.  Our first-timer got two drops on the run.
So while we are not back to the point where we are clearing to Prince, at least we got back in there and kicked some butt.  AND we got nice gear for a first time Kara toon.  AND we found out that we have another Kara-keyed player who has both a mage and a holy pally.

It may not seem like much, but I think this weekend’s run was the hurdle that we needed to get over to keep the guild together.  Everyone is feeling more positive now.

On an interesting side note – we had two non-guildies on the run with us.  One was an alt of a guildie who happens to be in another guild.  The other is a friend of a friend.  We let them both roll on boss drops.  The alt (holy pally) was so gear-poor that he took a leather item and cloth item for the healing upgrades.  They were his first two epic items on that toon.  He seemed amazed that we would let him have them – more amazed that he got TWO.  We weren’t going to use either of them, so we thought it was better to let someone have them than just DE them. In my opinion – they both came on the run, so they both get a shot at the loot.  Is that so uncommon?


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