Where is all of the Primalstrike gear?

Early on in the life of my rogue I chose Leatherworking as a profession. The idea of making my own armor was intriguing to me. I was not alone… it seemed like every other rogue was also a skinner and LW.

As other LW rogues will remember, that idea didn’t turn out to be practical. Armor that dropped in instances was always superior to what I could craft myself. From 1-60 I hardly wore any of my own crafted armor. I had the Stormshroud pieces for a while in my 50s. And I wore the Devilsaur mini-set after that. Once I hit Outland I immediately leveld my LW and made Thick Draenic Gloves and Pants. After that… not much. I even considered dropping LW for another gathering skill.

Then Blizzard fixed the pattern for the Primal Intent set, changing the set bonus from +strength to +AP. Suddenly, the promise of making my own armor was very real again. They are very easy to make as well. For all three pieces, youonly need a total of

Sure, the Primal Mights take a little while to grind – but look what you get for that. If you have all three pieces they come out to:

Primalstrike Bracers 64 15   21
Primalstrike Vest 108 38 12 39
Primalstrike Belt 84 20   32
Set Bonus 40
TOTAL: 256 73 12 92

That’s over 300 AP from three items! The big drawback here is the lack of gem slots, which prevent you from stacking additional crit rating on them. But these are still nothing to sneeze at.

I regularly use Shadowpanther’s wonderful database to compare gear based on AEP. According to that, these pieces individually are comparable to Karazhan drops, and when the set bonus is added they are superior. Look at these stats from

  AP AGI Hit STA Crit
Bracers of Maliciousness (Maiden of Virture) 50     25 22
Chestguard of the Conniver (Nightbane) 90 37 22 36
Girdle of Treachery (Chess) 58 21   37
TOTAL: 198 58 22 98 22

plus two red gem slots in the Girdle, which would translate to another 8 AGI and 8 Hit if you use 2xGlinting Noble Topaz. This group of Kara drops gets you slightly more hit rating and crit rating than the Primal Intent set, but a very large loss of AP and agility. Plus, the Primalstrike pieces can be farmed and made at your own leisure. The Kara bosses are once-a-week kills and the inevitable fingers-crossed-hope-for-the-drop-curse-when -you-lose-the-roll moments.

I also make use of the Rogue DPS Spreadsheet originally from the Elitist Jerks forum. Every item that drops for me gets input to the sheet to see if it improves my raid dps. So far , having been through most of Karazhan and bunches of heroics, I have not found any reason to break up my Primal Intent set.

So, these are Kara-level epic quality items without having to set a foot into Karazhan. Then here’s my question… where are they? Like many people, I have the habit of inspecting people when standing in the bank or AH. I especially like to check out other rogues to look at their gear. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone else besides me with the 3-piece Primal Intent set. In fact, I think I have only seen one or two other rogues with any of the pieces. Why is this? Has everyone given up LW by the time they hit level 70? Is everyone too lazy to grind the Primal Mights?

According to all available stats, fewer than 50% of WoW players have been into Karazhan. It would seem that many players who cannot get Kara and T4 drops would look to crafting to get their high end armor. I see Warlocks with their Frozen Shadoweave set. I see Priests with Primal Mooncloth and Whitemend sets. Why aren’t rogues wearing the Primal Intent pieces?


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