Karazhan – not the best place to be a rogue

Since I started Karazhan, my fun has grown and faded depending on the encounter. When our guild was learning the fights, there were times that I actually took myself out of the raid because I knew they would fare better with a mage or hunter in my place.

First of all, every boss except Maiden and Prince are immune to bleed effects. So no Ruptures from me.

Second – there’s not a sap to be done. My only form of CC… gone.

Third, a couple of the encounters are structured so that ranged dps is vastly preferable over melee. I specifically speak of Maiden and Curator.

In the Maiden fight, the hunters and mages mostly just sit back and blast away, only pausing to shout “Holy Fire!” every now and then. The healers have it rough, but that’s not news. Raid healing is always stressful. But rogues… man I hate that fight. Run in… whack whack whack… run out… bandage. Wait. Repeat. Hopefully manage to out-damage the main tank when all is said and done.

Interestingly, the Maiden fight is the only one where my Mutilate build significantly outdamaged my current Combat Daggers build. Since Maiden can be Ruptured, that’s where most of my damage comes from. I can watch those bleeds tick away while I am out of Consecrate range, bandaging.

With Mutilate, I can run in, pop Cold Blood, Mutilate, Mutilate, and I already have 5 combo points. Rupture, run out, and watch the DoTs work. With Combat daggers I can’t stay in long enough to get 5 combo points, so my Ruptures are less effective. 😦

In the Curator fight, the healers always poke at me for requiring so much healing. Again, the ranged dps can blast at those stupid Flares without moving an inch. I have to chase them down, using Sprint at times to catch up, and then soak up arcane damage while I try and burst them down. Inevitably, the last flare before an Evocate takes me all the way down the hall, so by the time I can turn and get back to Curator he’s done Evocating.

Its not that I can’t do the encounters. And its not that they are not fun. And I don’t care if I’m not topping the damage meters. But when we would wipe on them I used to wonder if the raid would be better off with a ranged dps class in my place.

But then its all good when I’m da man in the Shade fight. 🙂 Kick ftw!


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